Changes of address with Canada Post to defraud your identity

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Address changes with Canada Post to defraud your identity

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center has received 118 fraud reports by mail forwarding, in 2021.

A couple from Château-Richer say they are victims of an infrequent type of fraud related to the use of personal information.

Over the past few years, fraudsters have adopted a new technical.

They change an individual's home address in order to receive their mail, get more data about the person, and order different goods.

Éric Taillon is one of these victims. He learned that his identity had been defrauded while picking up his mail on September 27.

I have a small card, postcard size, which tells me that there is a change, a diversion of mail that has been made in my name, he says.

A citizen of Château-Richer, Éric Taillon, says he is the victim of identity fraud by mail forwarding.

So he phoned Canada Post to have his mail rerouted, but the Crown corporation was unable to tell him if any letters had been diverted to the new address.

It is also impossible for him to know what the new delivery address is, because it is confidential information, Canada Post assures him.

We do not can't even put a note in my file so that it doesn't happen again, adds Éric Taillon, discouraged.

Even though the mail forwarding has been cancelled, Éric Taillon has already received a call from a creditor and a credit card he did not order, leading him to believe that his personal data is currently being used for all kinds of things, without his knowledge.

“It's scary. Do I have a car, a house financed somewhere in my name? Your personal information is redirected, so if the fraudster was missing some information, now he has it. »

— Éric Taillon, citizen of Château-Richer

The resident of Château-Richer denounces Canada Post's lack of support and cooperation in this matter. He also believes that the Crown corporation should make its online address change system more secure.

It is not normal. My spouse tried; it's easy to complete the document, with the name, address of the person, pay $60 and divert the mail wherever you want, says Éric Taillon.

By email, Canada Post indicates that it integrates security measures into all its processes. The state company says in particular that it uses a third party to verify that those who request the change of address service, online, are who they say they are.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center received 118 reports of mail forwarding fraud last year. For the year 2022, 47 reports have been counted, as of September 30.

As the Center does not have coercive powers, it advises victims to recover at Canada Post. Éric Taillon has doubts about this.

I feel like I'm fighting against a giant. There is no listening. They should correct their flaw, he said, the tremolo in his voice.

Éric Taillon instead left it to the Sûreté du Québec, with whom he filed a complaint for fraud. Since September 27, he has carefully scrutinized his bank accounts and fears that the fraud of his identity will have repercussions throughout his life.

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