Channing Tatum opens up about 'terrible' divorce from Jenna Dewan

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  • Channing Tatum talks about 'terrible' divorce from Jenna Devan

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  • Channing Tatum talked about

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  • Channing Tatum opens up about 'terrible' divorce from Jenna Dewan


  • Channing Tatum talked about


  • Channing Tatum opens up about 'terrible' divorce from Jenna Dewan

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  • Channing Tatum talked about

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Channing Tatum opens up about 'terrible' divorce from Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum confesses in an interview that he most likely will not marry again.

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Actor Channing Tatum features in Vanity Fair's latest issue in a candid interview about his 'super scary' divorce from ex-wife Jenna Dewan, fatherhood and how difficult it is for him to build a relationship.

However, the couple announced their divorce in 2018, and the divorce proceedings ended in November 2019.

Channing explained that Jenna and Jenna steadily drifted apart after becoming more aware of their differences.

“We fought for us for a very long time even though we both knew we kind of drifted apart. I think we told ourselves a story when we were young and we just kept telling ourselves that story no matter how frankly life told us how different we are,” the actor admitted.

Describing their initial separation, Channing said it was “very scary and scary” at the beginning.

“This whole plan you had literally just turns to sand and goes through your fingers and you're like that. : “Oh shit. What now?” Tatum said. But he admitted that even though he had to work on himself, apparently, this was exactly what he needed.

The star of the film “Magic Mike” admitted that he focused on his nine-year-old daughter, Everly, and they became best friends.

Tatum is now in a relationship with actress Zoe Kravitz, whom he met on the set of her directorial debut, Pussy Island.

Despite this new relationship, Channing, who also dated singer Jessie J, stated: “I don't know if I'll ever get married again. Relationships are hard for me.”

“In business, I'm not afraid that something will be destroyed. But matters of the heart, when it comes to the people I love, are very hard for me. In the end, I try too hard, you know?” Tatum said.

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