“Chaos is unacceptable”: the President of Iran spoke about the death of the girl, because of which the protests began

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  • «Chaos is unacceptable»: Iranian President spoke about the death of a girl who started protests

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According to the Iranian President, protesters should not violate public peace. At the same time, the Iranian authorities are not going to show weakness in front of the protesting citizens.

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that the death of the girl Mahsa Amini, because of which large-scale protests began in the country, is a tragedy. Reuters writes about this.

According to Raisi, everyone in Iran is saddened by the death of a girl who was detained by local security forces for “wrong wearing the hijab.” Then the girl died. Human rights activists claim that she was beaten to death.

“We are all saddened by this tragic incident … However, chaos is unacceptable,” Raisi said in an interview with Iranian state television.

According to him, the authorities care about the safety of the people, and therefore people should not be allowed to “disturb public peace.”

The publication writes that the protests in Iran continue, despite the fact that clashes with the security forces are becoming more and more bloody. Thus, the Iranians continue to protest, chanting “Death to the dictator.”

A senior Iranian official told Reuters reporters that the authorities are determined. They are not going to show weakness in front of the protesters. The authorities have already accused the Kurds of inciting hatred and inciting protests.

It is reported that the protests were supported not only by students and university teachers, but also by local athletes, celebrities and artists.

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