Charles III visits Wales ahead of 'Princes' Vigil' for Elizabeth II | Death of Queen Elizabeth II

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Charles III visits Wales ahead of the “vigil of princes” for Élisabeth II | s of Queen Élisabeth II

Charles III completed in Cardiff a tour of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales).

Charles III completed Friday in Cardiff his tour as new king in the United Kingdom, while in London access to the queue to mourn before the coffin of Elizabeth II was temporarily suspended, the ;Wait exceeding 14 hours.

Cardiff was the last leg of his tour of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales).

Accompanied by Queen Consort Camilla, and greeted by cannon fire, he attended a church service in Cardiff before delivering a speech, partly in Welsh, to Parliament in which he renewed his pledge to follow his mother's example. /p>

In front of Cardiff Castle, the king was warmly greeted by several hundred people massed along the road. Many supporters of the royal family came with the Welsh flag and its red dragon.

Schoolchildren waving Welsh and UK flags outside Cardiff Castle.

We want to support him, be here for him, give him our condolences,” says Vera Jackson, 39, who lives in Switzerland with her Welsh husband, who is currently on vacation in Wales.

But a few meters from the entrance to the castle, Zahra Ameri, 22, who works in a tea shop, says she is already tired of all the commotion surrounding the king's arrival .

I hope Wales will become independent, she told AFP. I'm not curious to see what will happen in the castle. The King is just one person, he doesn't really matter to me.

Coincidentally, 16th September is also the day Wales celebrates the Prince rebel Owain Glyndwr, last Prince of Wales actually Welsh, who in 1400 had risen against the King of England.

A protester holds a banner calling for the 'cancellation' of the monarchy and the office of Prince of Wales.

Before the arrival of the new king, a petition protesting the passing of the title of Prince of Wales — for some a symbol of English oppression — to the new heir to the throne William rather than to a Welshman garnered more than 27 000 signatures.

A handful of anti-monarchists carrying placards saying Abolish the Monarchy or Democracy Now, were gathered in front of the castle.

Many challenges await the one often described, at 73, as a transitional king preceding his son, the popular William, but also as a modernizer anxious to reduce the sails of the monarchy.

< p class="e-p">Between Scotland's desire for independence, community tensions in Northern Ireland, the economic and social crisis in the country, but also the republican temptations emerging in some of its 14 other kingdoms, he will have a lot to to embody the unity of the nation.

Back in London, the king was to receive the country's religious leaders at Buckingham Palace at the end of the day.

Proof of the immense emotion aroused by the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8, the authorities had to suspend access on Friday to the long queue that has formed to see the monarch's coffin in Westminster Hall, Britain's oldest chamber of parliament.

The government has warned that the distribution of wristbands to view the coffin has been halted, adding that the waiting time was now up to 14 hours.

The queue to see the Queen's coffin lying in state at Westminster Hall winds for miles through central London.

Those lucky enough to reach the building at the right time hoped to attend the Princes' Vigil at the end of the day, during which the four children of Elizabeth II – Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward – will come to watch their mother's coffin.

For the occasion, Andrew, deprived of military titles, was allowed to wear the uniform.

The public will be able to file past the coffin draped with the royal standard and adorned with the imperial crown until the early hours of Monday morning, before the state funeral at 11 a.m. (local time), the first since Winston Churchill's in 1965.

Then, a procession, in which carers from the public health sector will take part, will accompany the coffin to Westminster Abbey where the funeral will be held.

Des million people are expected to watch the event on their televisions. The day will be a public holiday in the United Kingdom.

Some 2000 guests, including several hundred leaders from around the world, crowned heads, but also anonymous people decorated for their associative commitment , will attend the ceremony.

United States President Joe Biden, the Emperor of Japan, or even French President Emmanuel Macron are expected, while the Vatican announced on Friday that the Pope would not be traveling to London and would be represented.

The leaders of Russia, Afghanistan, Burma, Syria and North Korea were not invited.

The event represents an unprecedented security challenge for the United Kingdom, which has deployed an impressive system in the capital, with numerous reinforcements from all over the country.

It will be the biggest event London police have had to deal with, Deputy Deputy Commissioner Stuart Cundy said on Friday.

A few hours earlier, the stabbing of two police officers in central London, which is not considered a terrorist act by the authorities, raised the tension a notch. Their lives are not in danger.

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