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Cheap, commitment-free and flexible, this mobile plan is total madness 😱

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Prixtel is a virtual operator that offers a wide range of flexible plans. Compared to traditional packages, they have the advantage of not being fixed, and can therefore evolve if necessary. Concretely, for a little extra, they allow you to obtain internet extensions. At the moment, his Le petit package is the one that is having the greatest success with the public.

For . When we know that on average, a French person uses 20 GB of mobile data every month, this plan should suit the vast majority of users. In any case, if you consume more, you have the possibility of having up to 20 additional GB, or 50 GB for 8.99 euros per month.

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Rather than going with an oversized package, of which you will certainly never use the entire allocated internet envelope, it is better to choose a package that is close as close as possible to your actual consumption. Without commitment, you can try this package for a while, and see if it suits you.

If necessary, simply cancel and move on to another offer. Finally, note that all Prixtel packages are CO2 neutral. If you are concerned about the environment, you will also do something to preserve the planet.

The small one, a package that will satisfy 99% of the population

If you are looking for an economical package, which will still allow you to have a comfortable amount of internet, Le petit from Prixtel is a relevant choice. As we said earlier, for 4.99 euros, it gives you access to 30 GB. If you need more, it is possible to use two 10 GB extenders, each billed 2 euros more. You can see in detail the different levels and their prices in the illustration below.

Cheap, commitment-free and flexible, this mobile plan is total madness 😱

The Le petit package © Prixtel

You have absolutely nothing to do, since every month, Prixtel checks your consumption, and it adapts your telephone bill according to what you have used. Obviously, if you do not exceed the basic 30 GB, your package will always remain at 4.99 euros.

If you think that 30 GB will not be enough for you, you can very well go with one of Prixtel's other flexible plans. The latter offers a wide range, capable of covering everyone's needs. Thus, it offers a mini package entitled “Essential”, which allows you to benefit from 2 GB to 6 GB of internet, from only 1.99 euros per month.< /p>

Another package called “Oxygène” entitles you to an internet envelope of between 100 GB and 140 GB at a starting price of 7.99 euros is also available. Finally, if you are looking for a 5G plan, you will have the choice between the plans “The big” and “The Giant” which allow you to obtain up to 250 GB of internet for a relatively low price of 17.99 euros per month. So you are spoiled for choice. You can find all the details and the price list of all these offers, directly on the Prixtel website.

Excellent network quality and optimal coverage

The other major advantage of Prixtel's flexible packages is that they are based on the network of the historic operator SFR. Thus, you benefit from the same quality and coverage as the latter's subscribers – however, with a much more advantageous price list. Also note that as MNVO (virtual operator), Prixtel does not have any physical store. In other words, with him, everything happens online, from his website or his mobile application.

From its clear and easy-to-use interfaces, you will have access to your invoices, your consumption, and will be able to easily manage your package, directly from home. This saves you from having to travel and wait for your turn in store. Also, Prixtel’s customer service is known to be excellent. Its advisors are available during flexible hours, even on weekends and holidays.

If you are hesitant to change operator for fear of losing your telephone number, we can reassure you straight away that the process is simple, quick and completely free. To do this, you will need to provide your RIO code when you register. The latter can be obtained quite simply by calling 3179. Once in its possession, Prixtel will then take care of the transfer of your number, and at the same time, the termination of your contract with your current operator.

To find out more about Prixtel packages, it's here:

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