Child care fees: what would be the impact of the Conservative Party proposal? | Elections Quebec 2022

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Daycare rates: what would be the impact of the Conservative Party proposal? | Élections Québec 2022

The mode of financing favored by Éric Duhaime's party is focused on direct assistance to parents.

Everything indicates that it would cost parents more to keep their child under a Conservative government. And it seems difficult to know who, exactly, would be entitled to the childcare vouchers of $200 per week per child, a promise from Éric Duhaime's party.

La the Conservatives' proposal on childcare services is a setback for women, that's clear, denounced the director general of the Quebec Association of Early Childhood Centers (AQCPE), Geneviève Bélisle, in a telephone interview this week.

She calculates that the method of financing favored by the party of Éric Duhaime, focused on direct assistance to parents, will undoubtedly increase the cost of childcare expenses paid by parents. , without solving the problem of the shortage of places.

What will happen is that the owners [of private daycares] will increase their prices and will pass on the bill to the parents, according to her.

In its platform, the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) proposes a small revolution in the financing of the child care network if it comes to power. Ultimately, the Conservatives want to gradually reduce or even eliminate public funding for the network, to give priority to direct assistance to parents.

The leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec Éric Duhaime

A Duhaime government would therefore commit to offering parents a taxable childcare voucher of $200 per week, per child, or 10 $400 per year.

However, this amount does not cover the annual cost of a place, estimated at $17,000 instead. Who will have to pay the difference?

On Twitter, the outgoing Minister of the Family, Mathieu Lacombe, calculated that what the PCQ proposes is to make parents pay up to four times more for a place in CPE and daycare.

The Conservatives are also committed to deregulating the daily flat rate, which is currently at $8.70. By opening the door to competition, everyone – private daycare or CPE – could therefore set the price of their choice.

The waiting list for a child care space exceeds 50,000 names. To meet demand, the Conservatives are counting on the approximately 30,000 places available in unsubsidized private daycares, which set their daily rate at $43, on average.

The problem, it's because these places are located in the Montreal region, where there is no need, and not in the region, where the needs are immense, deplores Ms. Bélisle.

Asked about this this week, Mr. Duhaime said in a press briefing that his party's commitment was aimed at those who do not currently have access to CPEs, who have not won the lottery. CPEs.

He also said he wanted to stimulate supply from the private sector.

The Conservative platform also provides that the $200 voucher per child per week will only be paid to parents with full-time employment. But what about the others, for example students, young single mothers?

Mr. Duhaime sees no semantic problem here, making no distinction between the labor market and the world of education. Obviously that person is going to qualify for the $200 voucher, he says, because it's a job going to college, he says.

The Conservative Party has set no targets for the creation of places for the next few years, relying on the law of the market to meet the needs.

This is a way like any other to keep women at home, believes Ms. Bélisle, because by not creating daycare spaces, we deprive women of a service and we deprive ourselves of a workforce. #x27;important work.

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