Child four minutes spent on the bottom of the pool at the hotel before he noticed (video)

Ребенок четыре минуты пролежал на дне бассейна в отеле прежде, чем его заметили (видео)

Police Department city of Livonia (American, Michigan) published on the social network Facebook video recorded by a surveillance camera at a local hotel. In the pool, and swam quite a lot of people drowned unattended two year old boy. Neither video shows that the child first shake, trying to keep my head above water, and then gradually sinks to the bottom and lies there for about four minutes. None of the others does not notice. In the end, on the edge of the pool was a nine year old girl who noticed a drowned boy and called his godmother. The woman jumped into the water and pulled the child, who was unconscious.

Fortunately, nearby there happened to be two nurses — in the hotel just at this time the conference was held for medical workers. Women miraculously managed with the help of artificial respiration in the end to return the baby to life.

It is reported that the child’s mother, who was saved by strangers, at this time was also in the pool. Now decide whether she is charged with neglect of parental duties.

The girl, her godmother and the two nurses presented the special award that will be handed over to the police.

Police Department Livonia warns that drowning is the most common cause of death of children aged one to four years — not counting deaths due to birth defects. And encourages parents to monitor their children when they are in the water.

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