Child harassment, sect and “putrid stench”: what became known about Ezra Miller from the investigation of Business Insider


    Child harassment, cult and 'rotten stink': what we learned about Ezra Miller from the Business Insider investigation

    Ezra Miller in a Playboy photoshoot

    Business Insider has released an investigative text on the Ezra Miller scandals. The Hollywood actor, the star of the Fantastic Beasts franchise, has been constantly in the middle of unpleasant situations in the past few years: he has already been accused of harassment, debauchery of a minor and even kidnapping. Studio Warner Bros. has not canceled work on the Flash project, where the actor has the main role, but rumors have long been circulating that the premiere is a big question due to Miller's scandalous reputation.

    Child harassment, cult and 'putrid stink': what we learned about Ezra Miller from the Business Insider investigation

    Ezra Miller in Fantastic Beasts and where they live”

    The future of the project becomes even more doubtful with the release of a new Business Insider article containing shocking revelations from those who dealt with Ezra. The publication tells not only about the 18-year-old Tokata, whom Miller, according to her parents, harassed for six years, but also about another similar case.

    The scandal with Tokata, a girl from an Indian reservation, broke out earlier this summer. Tokata's parents accused Miller of physically and psychologically abusing their daughter, sleeping in the same bed with her when she was 14, and giving her alcohol and drugs. In June, a court issued a warrant forbidding the actor from approaching Tokata. She herself, however, calls the accusations of her parents “a disgusting false campaign against Ezra.”

    Children's persecution, sect and


    Business Insider writes about the history of another family: the woman, whose name was not released, says that Miller met her and her 11-year-old child earlier this year through mutual friends. The gender of the child is not revealed, but it is said that he identifies himself as a non-binary person — just like Ezra. According to the woman, the artist began to show “inappropriate interest” in her child, offered to pay for the child's education at a design school, and buy horses as a gift. At the end of June, the court issued a warrant that prohibits the actor from contacting this young acquaintance of his. The mother of the child considers Miller dangerous for the teenagers with whom he likes to communicate so much:

    They see him as a successful person who, at the same time, belongs to the queer community. My child thinks this person is a superhero. They just fall in love with him.

    For the article, eyewitnesses of Ezra's stay in Iceland, where he lived during the pandemic in 2020, also commented. Insiders talk about the “putrid stench” that emanated from the star.

    He walked the cold streets of Reykjavik barefoot, showing everyone his long pointed toenails and what looked like a festering wound on one leg,


    — describes the edition as Ezra was remembered by at least three local residents.

    Child harassment, cult and 'putrid stink': what we learned about Ezra Miller from the investigation of Business Insider

    Ezra Miller in a Playboy photoshoot

    It is also reported that Miller rented an Airbnb apartment near Reykjavik and lived there with a group of people. The girl who visited the apartment calls what she saw there a “commune”.

    It seemed that everyone was hypnotized,

    — she says.

    According to the publication, there were rumors in the city that the actor had organized a sect — celebrating himself.

    No one was allowed to argue with him, only his opinion mattered. There was simply no room left for anyone else's thoughts and feelings,

    — says an 18-year-old who she says had a “brief sexual relationship” with Miller.

    Children's harassment, cult and

    Ezra Miller in a Playboy photoshoot

    Another oddity of the actor mentioned in the article, — he carries at least one pistol with him at all times and wears a bulletproof vest. As his friends say — fears attacks from the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan.

    The already mentioned friend of Ezra Tokat sees nothing strange — believes that this is “a fashionable measure of protection associated with attempts to attack and the threats that he receives.”

    However, so far the press has heard only about attacks by Miller himself on people: with a girl in Iceland, he was arrested for hooliganism — and these are just some of the incidents he has been involved in.

    What is the reason for such an eccentric behavior of the actor — opinions of his friends differ. One of the friends of the family believes that the success that fell on Ezra is the reason:

    He got a lot of opportunities due to his fame, wealth, potential, beauty and white skin color. It's hard to resist someone with so many resources. When you're a celebrity, you're less likely to get rejected. I think there is a big danger in this.

    Child harassment, cult and 'rotten stink': what Business Insider has learned about Ezra Miller

    Some of my acquaintances Millera suspects that he has mental problems, because of which the actor has changed a lot lately:

    He was always different from his peers, but this did not scare him. We were real friends, and what is happening to him now, — it is very sad.

    Now social media users are wondering if The Flash will premiere after the scandalous revelations. Yesterday the head of Warner Bros. mentioned at the press conference that nothing has changed regarding the film, which is scheduled to premiere in June 2023. At the same time, many fans are perplexed why the studio refused to release the film “Batgirl”, but at the same time continues to work on “The Flash” — even despite all the antics of the main star of the project.

    Ezra Miller has long shocked the public — both with his fashionable images (the actor was one of the first to wear women's clothes) and frank photo shoots (for example, for Playboy), and stories about his personal life (for example, his polyamory).

    Child harassment, cult and 'rotten stench': what Business Insider has revealed about Ezra Miller

    Ezra Miller in The Flash


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