Child poverty is here again – a record low number of births at the beginning of the year


Statistics Finland: Net immigration in January-June was the highest in more than 30 years.

Childlessness is here again this year – births at the start of the year expected to decrease

It has been record quiet in the maternity wards of hospitals this year. Antti [email protected] Today at 10:50

22,180 children were born in Finland in January-June. 2,453 fewer children were born than at the same time last year.

– According to preliminary statistics, the number of births in January-June was the lowest in the history of measurements, Statistics Finland says in its release.

The information is based on Statistics Finland's June preliminary statistics. The monthly time series of births starts from 1900.

– Over the last twelve months, the total fertility rate was 1.38, while during the calendar year 2021 the number was 1.46, chief actuary Joonas Toivola says in Statistics Finland's announcement.

– The total fertility rate was at its lowest in 2019 (1.35), after which it has risen in two consecutive years. However, based on the figures from the beginning of the year, the revival of the birth rate that lasted for a couple of years does not seem to continue, Toivola adds.

The number of deaths on the rise, net immigration at a record high

January-June the number of deaths was 30,854, which is 3,166 more than a year earlier.

Due to the low birth rate and high death rate, the natural population increase, which describes the difference between births and deaths, was also a record low.

In January–June, there were 8,674 fewer births than deaths.

– Before this, the largest difference between births and deaths between January and June was in 2020, when there were 5,007 fewer births than deaths, says the chief actuary of Statistics Finland Johanna Lahtela in a press release.

According to preliminary data, Finland's population was 5,552,550 at the end of June. The population grew by 4,309 people between January and June.

Population growth was sustained by emigration from abroad, as immigration was 11,414 more than emigration. 16,932 people moved to Finland from abroad, and 5,518 people moved from Finland to other countries. Compared to the previous year, the number of immigrations increased by 694 and the number of emigrations by 48.

Net immigration, i.e. the difference between immigration and emigration, has continued to be strongly successful in Finland.

– Last year the net immigration gain was the highest in 30 years, and this early year the figure has been even higher than last year's early year. Net immigration from January to June 2022 was indeed the highest measured in this period in more than 30 years. With this increase in immigration, Finland's population has continued to grow, despite the natural population decline, says Statistics Finland's Chief Actuary Joni Rantakari in a press release.


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