Chile announces the creation of a commission for peace with the Mapuche people

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Chile announces the creation of a commission for peace with the Mapuche people

< p class="styled__StyledLegend-sc-v64krj-0 cfqhYM">Chilean President Gabriel Boric on Thursday began a two-day visit to the Araucanía region, a rich forest area in the south of the country that is experiencing conflict with groups of the Mapuche people.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric announced on Friday the creation of a commission for peace and understanding to resolve the conflict with the Mapuche indigenous people of Araucania, after a visit two days in this southern region of the country.

This commission for peace will begin its work in March, with a totally transversal composition, which gives guarantees to all the parties, indicated the left-wing president during a press conference.

“This is not a commission to make a diagnosis, there have already been enough. It is a commission that aims to take into account the recommendations of national and international organizations to achieve a resolution of the conflict.

— Gabriel Boric, President of Chile

He also admitted mistakes in this conflict on the part of his government since his installation eight months ago.

In the 16th century, the Mapuche resisted the expansion of the Spaniards, before being subjugated in 1870 by the Chilean army which began to settle settlers on their land. The recovery of these ancestral lands is at the heart of their fight against the State and the forestry companies in the region.

It is a question of clearly studying the demand for land of the Mapuche communities and proposing concrete mechanisms with concrete deadlines to settle and repair this debt that the State of Chile owes to the Mapuche people, has said the 36-year-old leader.

The Chilean president on Thursday began a two-day visit, the first since taking office, to the region of Araucania, a rich forest area.

His visit was preceded by a series of attacks, including the burning of a church and a school, as well as roadblocks. During the night of Thursday to Friday, other attacks were perpetrated, including the burning of a truck and a house. Since the beginning of the year at least eight people have died in the region.

The Coordination Arauco Malleco (CAM), one of the main radical Mapuche organisations, who claimed responsibility for arson, said in a statement on Wednesday that she rejected Mr. Boric's move, saying he was following the interests of the oligarchy, the power of economic groups that #x27;directly oppose the Mapuche cause.

In October 2021, Sebastian Piñera, then the country's conservative president, decreed the militarization of the region. Mr. Boric had ended this measure two weeks after taking on the clothes of head of state. But in May, faced with new attacks, he ordered his redeployment.

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