China has opened more than 500 cinemas

В Китае открылись более 500 кинотеатров

Life in China is recovering after the epidemic. Last week we wrote about the opening of the first of several movie theaters after months of quarantine, and now, according to Variety, in the middle Kingdom have already earned more than five hundred cinemas.

And although five hundred is less than 5% of the total number of Chinese cinemas, it is obvious that public life is gradually returning to normal. However, the administration of theatrical institutions complain that people still fear to leave home and visit public places. So, since the opening of the first cinemas in China managed to sell of tickets only for two thousand dollars.

Low sales are due to the fact that the cinema yet completely devoid of new hire, as all Hollywood releases were postponed due to the pandemic. So currently in China twist the old-fashioned blockbusters, the first of which was “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”.

Also note that while China’s cinemas are going back to work after quarantine, the US administration of cinemas asking for financial help from the state not to go bankrupt during the stagnation associated with a coronavirus.

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