China is going to send you to Pakistan “biological weapon” — 100 thousand ducks: why is it necessary

Китай собирается отправить в Пакистан "биологическое оружие" — 100 тысяч уток: зачем это нужно

China can send to Pakistan unusual “biological weapons” — the party of one hundred thousand ducks. Birds have to help the Pakistanis cope with an unprecedented locust invasion. Insects have already damaged the crops of cotton, and now threaten to destroy the grain harvest. In February, Pakistan was forced to declare a state of emergency.

China itself is already more than twenty years of use ducks for pest control. The birds helped to keep the crops in the region of Xinjiang, when the region suffered from locusts. Studies have confirmed that the use of ducks is cheaper and safer than treating a field with pesticides. One bird can eat more than two hundred of the pests during the day.

According to the Agency “Xinhua”, now in Pakistan continues to work as mission specialists from China. The panel found that the threat of locusts is not exaggerated. Last year the insect pests noticed in desert areas in the province of Tharparkar. A few months ago the locusts had damaged the 12 million hectares of crops. In the near future it is expected the new invasion.

However, in China, said that the final decision about the ducks is still pending. The Guardian quoted Professor long Zhang from China agricultural University. Scientists believe that the idea with the ducks — not too good, as in Pakistan, they will be too hot. In addition, waterfowl will suffer without the reservoir and under conditions of moisture deficit.

We will remind, earlier with the unprecedented invasion of locusts faced the people of Africa. And in the summer of 2019 locust was spotted in the Donbas on vacant lots, in place of the dried up ponds.

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