China is unhappy with the possible visit of Pelosi to Taiwan and threatened the US with a military response, media


China is unhappy with Pelosi's possible visit to Taiwan and threatened the US with a military response, — media

According to journalists, the Chinese military may try to block the landing of the speaker of the US Congress on the island or use fighter jets to intercept an American plane carrying Pelosi.

China sent a sharp private warning to US President Joe Biden's administration over a possible visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan in August. This time, the warnings were harsher than those issued by Beijing in the past when it was unhappy with US policy towards the island. This is reported by the Financial Times, citing six people familiar with the Chinese warnings.

According to journalists, China's response may involve a military option.

“The military may try to block the landing of Pelosi in Taiwan or take other measures to prevent her visit, for example, use fighter jets to intercept the American military aircraft on which she will be,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the White House is trying to assess how serious the threats are from China, or is it resorting to “balancing politics” in an attempt to force Pelosi to cancel the trip.

The media writes that they are against Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan Biden's national security adviser Jake Sullivan, as well as other officials of the National Security Council, speak. They are afraid of a possible escalation of the situation on the island.

The White House National Security Council and the US State Department declined to comment on this information.

On July 18, the Financial Times wrote that Pelosi was going to send a congressional delegation to Taipei in August. In turn, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that such a move by Washington would be considered as a strategic provocation. Beijing is confident that the visit of the speaker of Congress will send “an extremely wrong signal to pro-Taiwan independence separatist forces.”

On June 12, the Chinese Defense Ministry called on the United States to “stop containing China and interfering in the internal affairs” of the country. The ministry said that the Chinese troops will “completely resolve the Taiwan issue” in any case.


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