China steps up artillery and air force over possible Pelosi visit to Taiwan (video)


China activated artillery and aviation due to a possible visit of Pelosi to Taiwan (video)

Aircraft with a top official began to lower altitude over the Hawaiian Islands, after which the FlightRadar24 service turned off the opportunity to watch the movement of the plane colleague Joe Biden.

Speaker of the lower board of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi went on an Asian tour, during which she may visit Taiwan. This was reported by the American television channel CNN.

On the eve of the Asian tour, Nancy Pelosi did not confirm whether she plans to visit Taiwan, but assured that the United States should demonstrate its support for an independent island.

The trip of the speaker of the House of Representatives is complicated by the fact that the authorities of the Middle Kingdom threatened Washington with serious consequences if the top official's plane lands in the territory of the Republic of China. its final destination is not specified. Tens of thousands of users followed the flight of the aircraft through Flightradar24.

After taking off from the Andrius base, the American plane began to descend over the Hawaiian Islands, after which the management of the special service turned off the ability for ordinary users to observe the movement of SPAR19.

A screenshot with a possible landing of the Nancy Pelosi plane at Honolulu airport was published by several users on social networks.

China activates artillery and air force over possible visit of Pelosi to Taiwan (video)

China activates artillery and air force due to possible visit of Pelosi to Taiwan (video)

Against the backdrop of a possible visit by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, journalist Chaudhary Parvez reported that Taiwan took off fighter jets from the Chiayi Air Base. The regular army of China, in turn, conducts military exercises with the use of artillery in the Taiwan Strait.

“Taiwan has just taken off fighter jets from an air base. Chinese troops begin firing live artillery shells in the Taiwan Strait. At that while the Celestial Empire claims that these are just exercises,” the journalist said.

The AP agency also informs about the beginning of the PLA military exercises near the independent island. The events started in Fujian province, which is why the Chinese authorities warned the ships to avoid passing through the Taiwan Strait.

Moreover, according to AP, the PLA leadership sent a large number of bombers in the specified area.

At the background of a possible visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the Chinese authorities threatened the United States with drastic measures. Journalists claimed that the Celestial Empire sent a private warning to US President Joe Biden, saying that Beijing could use military force to block the plane from landing on the island.


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