China: Xi Jinping almost assured of a 3rd term at the end of his party congress

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China: Xi Jinping almost assured of a 3rd mandate at the end of his party's congress

This congress must lead to the renewal of the management team and a new term for Xi Jinping as head of state.

Xi Jinping is often referred to as the most powerful Chinese leader since the regime's founder, Mao Zedong.

The 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP) which Sunday's opening in Beijing will last until Oct. 22, congress spokesperson Sun Yeli announced on Saturday.

A major five-year event in Chinese political life, the CCP Congress should lead to the renewal of China's leadership team and a new term for Xi Jinping at the head of the political organization, and therefore of the Chinese government. #x27;State.

The day after its closing on October 23, the new Political Bureau Standing Committee should be revealed, this group of seven or nine personalities at the highest level of the power, including the party's general secretary, currently Xi Jinping.

In all, some 2,300 delegates, chosen by the various CPC assemblies, will meet behind closed doors after an opening ceremony on Sunday in Beijing at the People's Palace.

< p class="e-p">Xi Jinping, 69, will take stock of the past five years and present his roadmap for the next five in a speech broadcast on television.

To cover the event, the press has been required to remain in a sanitary bubble since Friday, under strict measures linked to the zero COVID policy.

At the x27;shed in a hotel in western Beijing, journalists are subjected to a battery of drug tests.

The epidemic is still there, it's x27;is a reality that must be faced, justified the congress spokesperson, when asked about the future of the zero COVID policy which harms the economy.

Spokesperson Sun Yeli speaks via video link at a press conference ahead of the 20th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party, in Beijing.

This congress, the 20th since the creation of the CPC in 1921, should lead to a broad recomposition of the Standing Committee of the Politburo, the body almighty of seven members (currently, but their number may vary) who holds the reality of power in China.

According to unwritten traditions, a part of the current members of the ruling cenacle reach the age at which they are supposed to retire.

The first congress, a small assembly of a dozen people, was held in 1921 in a classroom of a closed school hangs ant the holidays, in the French concession of Shanghai.

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