China's Election Interference: Pierre Poilievre Demands Answers

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China's interference in elections: Pierre Poilievre demands answers

The Conservative leader wants to know what Justin Trudeau's government is actually doing to protect Canadian democracy from foreign interference.

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre is calling for the creation of a committee to investigate China's attempts to interfere in the last federal election, and the measures taken by the Trudeau government to protect the Canadian democracy.

At a press briefing at a Vancouver grocery store on Wednesday, Pierre Poilievre said he was very concerned about the Global News revelations.wanting that China is secretly trying to influence the outcome of elections in Canada, and has even waged an extensive campaign to defeat perceived anti-Chinese candidates in the 2019 federal election.

The English-language news channel also reported that Canadian intelligence services had uncovered Beijing's establishment of a clandestine network that financed candidates in recent elections held in Canada.

According to Global News, China made remittances, through a parliamentarian and others, to at least 11 candidates in federal elections, as well as to Chinese agents working for their campaign. Beijing has sought to place agents with MPs to influence their policies.

Information that comes days after federal authorities announced an investigation into the existence of illegal Chinese police stations in the Greater Toronto Area.


Maintaining that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had been aware of these interference maneuvers since January, Pierre Poilievre was indignant at the government's inertia in the face of this threat.

I have seen no evidence of any action by this government to protect our democracy from this kind of foreign interference, he lamented.

“Justin Trudeau needs to explain why he knew and he didn’t. […] The Prime Minister has failed to protect our democracy.

— Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Believing it is imperative that Canadians know what their government is doing to stem this threat, the Conservative leader announced that his party would demand answers from the Commons.

The Conservative Party will convene a committee to investigate the allegations published by Global News, he said.

We are working to ensure that this meeting at the procedure and House affairs committee, where we believe we have enough support to get an investigation into what the Prime Minister knew, what he plans to do about it and how we are going to protect our democracy from foreign interference.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government has taken significant steps to strengthen the integrity of our electoral processes and systems, but did not specify the content of those steps.

We will continue to invest in the fight against electoral interference, against foreign interference in our democracies and our institutions, he promised.< /p>

Unfortunately, we see countries, state actors around the world, be it China or others, continuing to play aggressive games with our institutions, with our democracies, he added.

For Pierre Poilievre, these guarantees from the Trudeau government are clearly insufficient in the current global context. We need a government that stands up for human rights, freedom and the defense of Canada's interests in an increasingly dangerous world, hammered the new leader of the Conservative Party.

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