Chinese electric car BYD Seal set a record “elk” test (video)


Chinese BYD Seal electric car set a record in the elk test (video)

The Chinese BYD Seal passed the elk test at a record speed of 83.5 km/h and bypassed Tesla electric cars. Enviable maneuverability was achieved due to the innovative design of the car.

The new BYD Seal was tested by the so-called “moose” test. The Chinese electric car not only successfully coped with the difficult test, but even set a new speed record. The video of the race was posted on the official BYD Auto Twitter page.

Chinese electric car BYD Seal set a record in the losinom test (video)

BYD Seal was able to pass the moose test at a speed of 83 .5 km/h, despite the fact that 77 km/h and above is considered an excellent result. This is the best achievement among all modern cars. Even the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 were left behind (their result is 83 km/h).

The automaker considers the innovative design of BYD Seal, in which the battery is integrated into the power frame of the body, to be the key to success. This provides a low center of gravity and, accordingly, good handling.

The BYD Seal electric car was tested in a top-end all-wheel drive version with two 522 hp motors. With. The Chinese electric car can accelerate to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and travel 700 km without recharging.


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