Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez send harsh hints again on social networks

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez send harsh hints again on social networks

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez send harsh hints again on social networks

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Despite supposedly being almost divorced and then Lorenzo Méndez said: “Yes, everything has already been discussed. Yes, I signed ”, both he and Chiquis Rivera placeholder image They return to the attack on social networks or so it seems. The singers sent some very strong hints on Instagram and Twitter. All this now that Chiquis does not hide her romance with the photographer of her friend Becky G, Emilio Sánchez and that there is a great controversy between the Rivera family.

The rumors that Chiquis had a new boyfriend and immediately, Lorenzo Mendez he jumped to write a hint that hinted that the gentleman in question would be his friend. That is to say, Chiquis would have allegedly gotten involved with a friend of his. The singer responded and that was there.

Later, a reporter from Suelta la Sopa rebuked the singer and asked him about the divorce process. As Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He had said that for her part she was already ready and that I was waiting for Lorenzo’s response. At the time, the singer replied that he had signed. The reporter took advantage and asked him what he thought of Chiquis and Emilio and he laughed ironically and only replied: “Emiio what? Let’s go guys…”. Also indirectly again.

Now what Emilio Sánchez has posted photos next to Chiquis Rivera and she has responded by telling him that she loves him. The singer has returned to the ring with the hints. However, it is not very clear whether they are aimed at Chiquis for her new relationship or if Lorenzo refers to the controversies and fights that currently exist between the Rivera family.

Remember that the children of the late singer Jenni Rivera requested an audit to his mother’s company. Same as has been handled all this time by Rosie Rivera.

As for this issue, much has been said. Rosie Rivera assures that this has time and that she is not afraid of the audit. For this reason, Rosie has decided to resign to remain the executor of Jenni’s company. Now he is preparing who Jenni would have wanted to leave in case Rosie resigned. That person is Jacqie Rivera, the second daughter of the singer.

For his part, the other Jenni Rivera’s brother, Juan Rivera, who also works for Rosie’s company has done several “Live” to clarify where he got his fortune fromWhat other businesses do you have as well and how you want your sister Jenni’s wish to be fulfilled. But what has grabbed the headlines the most in recent hours is the conflict between Juan and his brother, Lupillo Rivera.

Juan Rivera confessed that between his brother Lupillo Rivera and he there is a bad relationship which has been intermittent over the years. It got worse after Lupillo called Juan a thief because of a raffle and a car. The truth is that both the Rivera family Like their partners, for example Lorenzo Méndez, they have not stopped posting messages on social networks that raise suspicion from the media and fans.

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