Chirurgie DIX30 practice sold to Canada's No. 1 private healthcare provider

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The Chirurgie DIX30 practice sold to Canada's leading private healthcare company

Consolidation in the private operating theater industry is underway in Quebec.

Chirurgie DIX30 is part of a medical complex located in Brossard, within the shopping center of the same name.

According to information obtained by Radio-Canada, one of the most important players in the private surgery sector in Quebec, Chirurgie DIX30, has just been sold to the Alberta company Clearpoint.

Chirurgie DIX30 performs more than 20,000 surgeries per year, in eight operating rooms, and employs more than 80 people.

A recovery room at Chirurgie DIX30

During the pandemic, the company had obtained numerous operating theater rental contracts from the public network. Expansion work was carried out last year.

The company was founded about ten years ago and belonged to a group of doctors and an ex- teacher. The amount of the transaction has not been disclosed.

One ​​of the founders, Hugo Viens, will remain with the new group as medical director.

By email, he specifies that we are joining a large family that has solid expertise and that will allow us not only to share best practices, but above all to integrate innovations for Quebec patients.

< p class="e-p">We are very proud to join Canada's largest network of private surgery centers that provide public care to help provincial health departments reduce surgical wait lists, adds- he.

Doctor Hugo Viens, medical director at Chirurgie DIX30

Located in Alberta, l he acquirer Clearpoint is present in six provinces and specializes in orthopedics.

In Quebec, the company acquired, during the pandemic, the Opmedic clinic in Laval, which operates a few operating rooms, including one dedicated to endoscopy.

Clearpoint now has 53 operating rooms in 14 surgical centers across Canada. About 90% of the 60,000 surgeries are performed there under agreements with the public network, which seeks to reduce waiting lists.

Toronto-based investment firm Kensington Capital Partners is one of Clearpoint's owners. Kensington is one of the largest healthcare investment funds in Canada.

Other investors outside Quebec have taken root in Quebec in recent years.

< p class="e-p">Almaviva Santé, for example, the fourth largest group of private clinics in France, has acquired a stake in Clinique Médicale RocklandMD.

“There is clearly a consolidation move.

— A source familiar with the industry

This transaction comes as the Department of Health distributes new Specialty Medical Center (CMS) licenses to the account -gouttes.

Radio-Canada recently revealed that two new permits had been issued over the past year and that 24 permit applications were being processed by the Ministry of Health.

The ministry has also entrusted MP Youri Chassin with the mandate to carry out two private mini-hospital projects.

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