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Chris Froome does the presentation of his bike with TikTok sauce, his video makes the Internet die of laughter

Former winner of the Tour de France Christopher Froome posted a video on social networks in which he presents his bike in a rather original parody…

Christopher Froome is far from being unknown in France and in the world of sport. The Briton is one of the legends of cycling and is still active today. within the UCI World Tour team, Israel-Premier Tech. Winner of the Tour de France at four times (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017), Chris Froome has often been contested and was not necessarily a popular runner. during his reign. Victim of nicknames, whistles when passing through the passes, or even jets of "piss" as he was able to denounce it to At the time, the runner did not in Kenya has eaten away his brake and is now a popular cyclist. and particularly applauded.

Surprisingly, this turnaround came when Chris Froome left the team. the podiums, after his terrible fall during the Critérium du Dauphiné in 2019. While it was launched At 54 km/h on a descent according to his speedometer, a gust of wind threw him against a wall, causing an open fracture of his femur, a fracture of the elbow, a fracture of the hip, a fracture of a vertebra, a fracture of the sternum, several broken ribs… Hemorrhage will cause him to lose weight. 2 liters of blood. If everything could have stopped, he fought to return to the highest level and even if he no longer wins, his bet has been won.

This turnaround is also due to mentality by Chris Froome, much more relaxed; in his late career and capable of great self-deprecation. The Briton proved it again. recently in a video where he presents his bike to everyone. like a TikTok influencer presenting a major brand car. Radius, noise of the "engine", mark, Chris Froome plays the scene at the same time. background with some success as you will see below.

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This is not the first time that the former Sky rider has created a buzz. through a video. A few months ago, Chris Froome stopped by. fortuitously in a report on the 1 p.m. news, on France 2, at About forest fires in the South of France. Living in In Monaco, he had been arrested by a journalist who had obviously not recognized him and had described him as a from simple  "hiker to bike.

The one who handles the second degree very well had shared the next day on the Strava application his outing from the day before, 180 kilometers long! Not bad for a hiker.

The last major victory Chris Froome's career on the circuit dates back to the Tour of Italy five years ago. The sign of a runner on the decline already 38 years old. The four-time winner of the Grand Boucle was also the winner of the Grand Boucle. private of the Tour de France in 2023. "I had worked so hard to win the Tour de France in 2023. hard to get there. This was a very big disappointment not to have been retained in the team for the Tour. I really felt like I was getting back on track. I felt that physically I was ready. I had achieved my goals at my racing weight. “I hadn't lost any muscle,” he commented, a little bitter this time.

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