Chris Pratt: where is his adaptation of Mario?

Chris Pratt: where is his adaptation of Mario?

After surely interpreting Star-Lord one last time in the MCU, Chris Pratt will lend his features to the plumber Mario in an already much criticized live-action. Where is the production of the film?

In 2017, the Illumination studio (Despicable Me, Comme Des Bêtes) signs a partnership with a very famous firm specializing in video games, Nintendo. Their first mission? Bring the Mario universe to Universal parks around the world. This first attempt inspires them with an equally ambitious project: to bring the adventures of pop culture's most famous firefighter to the screen. A first in the history of cinema? Not quite ! Hollywood has already taken over Super Mario Bros in a kitsch live action released in 1993…

We will have to wait until 2021 to finally discover the cast of this already much criticized film. The cast of Chris Pratt in the lead role didn't thrill fans of the mustachioed plumber, with some even pointing out that the actor isn't of Italian-American descent. The Mario project then went nowhere. Illumination Founder Chris Meledandri finally broke the news during a business event in Barcelona. “The film is three-quarters complete,” he said. “I think everything is going to be fine. Especially because (Chris Pratt) delivered such a powerful performance. “So that's something to give hope!

Chris Pratt, from the MCU to Mario Bros

Who ever doubted the talents of Chris Pratt? Fine connoisseurs of the star remember having discovered him in the series Parks and Recreation at the end of the 2000s. His fame, Pratt owes it above all to the trilogy of the Guardians of the Galaxy in which he embodies Star-Lord. A gateway that leads him straight to another equally “monstrous” franchise: Jurassic World, whose last chapter has just been released in theaters. Pratt isn't relying on his muscles either. He can be heard giving voice in the first two Lego movies. He will also voice Garfield in a next reboot announced in a year, the release of Mario

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