Christian Varin goes to prison

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Christian Varin takes the way to prison

Christian Varin, the founder of the Federation of Quebec Inventors, will go to prison for a period of five years.

Christian Varin

To his arrived at the Montreal courthouse, this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Christian Varin refused to speak to the media. Defrauded inventors were present for the pronouncement of the sentence.

Last January, the judge found Christian Varin guilty of a fraud valued at more than 3 million dollars.

St├ęphane Lebel and Nadya Leclerc, inventors of a place mark, are among the hundreds of victims of Christian Varin. He was to protect their invention: which Christian Varin failed to do despite being awarded over $10,000.

During sentencing submissions last July, Christian Varin wanted to apologize to his victims. I am not worthy of the trust you gave me to protect your invention. I have done very wrong. I am remorseful and sad for each of you.

More details will follow.

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