Chronicles of coronavirus: China closes the border, and Manhattan quickly equip the morgues

Хроники коронавируса: Китай закрывает границы, а на Манхэттене спешно оборудуют морги

The evening of March 26 the latest data on the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 in the world. The number of infected has already exceeded half a million and is 519 thousand 766. Per day was identified 48 thousand 798 new cases. During the pandemic died 23 thousand 586 people. The mortality rate remains within 16%. Active are 372 884 thousand cases of infection. Of this number infected 19 thousand 102 patients are in serious or critical condition. During the pandemic had recovered or were discharged from the hospital due to a remarkable improvement in the condition of 123 thousand 96 is infected with a coronavirus.

COVID-19 already identified in 198 countries around the world. In nine of them the number of infected more than 10 thousand people. This is China (81 285 thousand), Italy (80 million 589), USA (82 thousand 179), Spain (56 of 197 thousand), Germany (43 thousand 646), Iran (29 of 406 thousand), France (29 thousand 155), Switzerland (11 thousand 712), United Kingdom (11 thousand 658).

“FACTS” have prepared another review of the main events related to the pandemic COVID-19, occurred in different countries per day.


United States again leads in the number of new cases of infection. While the United States came in first in the world in the number of infected people, overtaking China! For these days in the country established a new disappointing record, coronavirus detected in 13 of 968 thousand people! 150 patients died, bringing the total deaths to 1 177. The worst situation in the state of new York, where the day from the coronavirus passed away over 100 people! Among them was a popular actor mark Blum. Manhattan quickly equip temporary morgues.

The situation in the state has forced Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a decree on early release of 300 prisoners. In local prisons is also identified dozens of cases of infection with coronavirus among prisoners and among the staff. sentenced in March to 23 years in prison for sexual offences.

Despite the adoption by Congress of an unprecedented package of financial measures to support the economy (the total amount of allocated funds is $ 1.8 trillion) over the past week in the country registered 3.8 million new unemployed. This is not in America not seen since the great depression.


Spain reserves the second largest in the world in the number of deaths per day due to an illness caused by a coronavirus. March 26 in the country died 498 infected. The total number of fatalities is now 4 145. And this is more than in China! There for all the time of the pandemic died 3 287 infected. The first time Spain surpassed Italy in the number of new infections per day. They added 6 682. More than in the US.

The difficult situation has forced the Spanish government to extend the emergency rule for another two weeks — until April 11.


Italy is very close to China in the total number of cases of infection with coronavirus. 80 589 thousand infected. In China identified 81 thousand 285 people with COVID-19. But on March 26 in Italy was 6 203 new cases, while China only 67! All these people were identified when entering the Chinese territory. In the country for several days no new infected. It is the result of stringent quarantine and mass testing of the measures imposed by the Chinese authorities on 23 January.

Quarantine, as already reported “FACTS” in China is canceled this week in all areas except Wuhan. Fearing a second wave of the pandemic, the Chinese government adopted on 26 March, the decision to temporarily ban the entry of foreigners. This measure becomes effective March 28 and applies to all foreign citizens, even those with visa or long-term residence permit. Chinese airlines are limiting international flights only one flight per country. Allowed a maximum of one flight per week, and the plane should not be filled more than 75% to reduce the risk of infection. Beijing recommended that foreign airlines flying to China to follow the same rules.

Meanwhile, Italian Newspapers reported that the coronavirus identified from the priest who lives in the same building as Pope Francis. Infected immediately hospitalized, and the Vatican spent disinfection. The Pontiff was the second test. The result was luckily negative. According to the newspaper Awenire, from COVID-19 Italy died 67 Catholic priests. One of them died in Bergamo. The father abandoned the system of artificial ventilation of lungs, which he bought for the money of the parishioners in favour of the young of the infected caught up with him in the hospital. On the patient’s apparatus of the doctors was not.


In France, the pandemic is gaining momentum. A day in the country identified 3 922 new cases of infection. The total number of infected reaches 29 thousand 155 people. Died of 1,696 patients, and on 26 March their number had increased to 365 people.

In connection with this situation Paris closes two of its international airport of the three. Beauvais airport is closed. Orly airport since March 31, will carry out only the government and emergency flights. Work will continue to the only airport named after Charles de Gaulle.

The Ministry of health of France has decided to reallocate the infected regions, to relieve the load on the hospitals in particular areas. To this end, the day 26 March from Strasbourg to the Western region of the Pays de La Loire went the TGV special purpose. He moves from the East to the West infected. In each car there are four patient and medical staff.


The Minister of health of Germany Jens span said that pressures on German doctors and nurses will increase. He believes that in Germany there is a “calm before the storm”. To give a more accurate forecast span refused. “No one can say what will happen in the coming weeks”, — said the Minister. He noted that the main task of the government remains slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

In Germany, on 26 March revealed 6 323 new cases. In total, the country recorded 43 thousand 646 infections. The death rate among them is low. For all the time of the pandemic died 239 people.

The country introduced stringent measures which are based on the isolation and mass testing. The German company Bosch announced March 26 on the establishment of a rapid test for the coronavirus. It is fully automated and allows to carry out diagnostics for 2.5 hours. The accuracy of the result is more than 95%. The group promises to make the new test available in Germany since April. Then will start delivery to other countries.

Recall that Germany began to accept patients with COVID-19 from Italy and France. In the German clinic delivered by aircraft and helicopters but very heavy patients. The German foreign Ministry said that the country has profit of 47 such patients from Italy.


The Ministry of health in the UK (NHS) said on March 26 about “the ongoing tsunami”. We are talking about the swept the country a wave of severe cases infected with coronavirus. Their number has increased dramatically. The problem is that in many cities were infected physicians. The average number of infected doctors and nurses in Britain is already 30%, and in some counties up to 50%.

Per day revealed 2 129 new infections. 25 March they were in the country less than 10 thousand. The British continue to massively violate imposed by the government of Boris Johnson’s strict measures to contain the pandemic. This forced the government temporarily to give the police new powers. Now the guards have the right to follow the British with the help of drones. The police have the right to decide how urgent is the cause of this or that person on the street. Themselves impose a fine upon the violator.


In Russia recorded for the day 182 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Their total number reached 840. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin ordered from March 26 to close in the city all catering establishments, shopping malls, amusement parks. Close all retail stores except pharmacies and stores with Essentials.

March 27 Russia stops scheduled and Charter international air transportation. An exception is made only for airplanes that are delivered to the home of Russian citizens from abroad. For this purpose, including the aircraft of the Ministry of defense.

The situation with coronavirus in Ukraine “FACTS” regularly misleading, giving the latest statistics by regions.

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