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Ciaran: How long will the storms continue in France?

After the passage of storm Ciaran over the north-western quarter of France this Thursday, November 2, 2023, two other depressions are announced between this evening and Saturday.

After the passage of storm Ciaran, eight departments remain on orange alert, but none of them for violent winds, this Thursday, November 2. At the same time, two other depressions are expected to cross France. Until when will they follow one another? The latest storm is expected to cross France this Saturday, November 4. The weather should therefore be turbulent. until the end of the weekend.

It is in the Bay of Biscay that the first depression will begin. "Heavy rains" and a "strengthening of the wind" are available forecast, according to Météo-France which also specifies that this storm will fade tomorrow, Friday November 3, before leaving France. The depressions are not going to stop there: the storm called "Domingos" should also win France. It will affect the majority of the Atlantic coast, with violent winds, heavy rains and significant waves. The weather will remain choppy until late. this Sunday, November 5.

Why do depressions keep coming?

The country has now been experiencing rough weather for more than two weeks. How can we explain this phenomenon? “Depressive rails” are currently present in France: depressions follow each other closely because they are under the influence of a “zonal flow”, that is to say ;-say a "jet-stream". The latter is currently very powerful, because it blows at high pressure. more than 300 km/h and is heading towards the country. The current jet stream has other particularities: its flow has been uninterrupted for more than two weeks and its trajectory is rectilinear, which makes recent storms more violent. "This situation is explained by a westerly current to the south. southwest which is well anchored; over Europe”, details Météo-France, which specifies that this current "acts as a highway for disturbances which can circulate freely.".

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