City councilor sacked while battling cancer

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City councilor dismissed while treating cancer

A judge's gavel

An Auclair city councilor has been removed from office by the Commission municipale du Québec for not attending council meetings for a period of three months. Stéphan Dubé, elected barely a year ago, could not be present at the meetings since he had to undergo treatment to fight cancer.

In the judgment rendered on August 30, administrative judge Céline Lahaie admits to having her hands tied by the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities. This rules that the mandate of a council member who has failed to attend council meetings for 90 consecutive days ends at the close of the first meeting following the expiry of this mandate. period.

“Although the situation is deplorable, the Commission can only note that the mandate of the elected member ended at the close of the council meeting of July 4, 2022.”

— Excerpt from the judgment of the Commission municipale du Québec

The spokesperson for the Commission municipale du Québec Isabelle Rivoal points out that an extension of this deadline could have been requested by elected officials by adopting a resolution during of the July 4 session. By explaining the situation in which Mr. Dubé finds himself, the Commission would have granted this right to Stéphan Dubé.

Reached by telephone, the mayor of Auclair, Bruno Bonesso, admits having forgotten to take this step during the monthly meeting in July. His administration will not appeal the case. The nomination process to fill the vacant councilor position is underway. And according to Bruno Bonesso, Stéphan Dubé could reapply.

“Stéphan told me that if there is a another candidacy, he will not run again. He does not want to incur costs for the Municipality by forcing the holding of an election. »

— Bruno Bonesso, Mayor of Auclair

The spokesperson for the Commission municipale du Québec confirms that nothing is preventing Stéphane Dubé from ;to be a candidate again for his own succession.

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