Class Actions: Tim Hortons Offers Plaintiffs Coffee and Donut


Class Actions: Tim Hortons offers plaintiffs coffee and donut

An investigation has revealed that Tim Hortons mobile app was collecting geolocation data about its users.

Tim Hortons says it has reached a proposed settlement in several class action lawsuits alleging that its app mobile allegedly violated customer privacy. The restaurant pledges to provide a free hot drink and pastry to affected users.

The company says the settlement, negotiated with the legal teams engaged in the lawsuits, requires always court approval.

Tim Hortons has also indicated that it intends to permanently delete any geolocation information it may have collected between April 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020, and to require its suppliers to services to do the same.

The proposed settlement comes after an investigation by privacy watchdogs – federal and in some provinces – revealed that Tim Hortons mobile app was breaking the law by collecting large amounts of geolocation information from customers.

In a report released last month , the Privacy Commissioner said that people who downloaded the Tim Hortons app had their movements tracked and recorded every few minutes, even when the app was not on. not open on their phone.

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