Claude Laroche will again wear the colors of the PLQ in Rimouski


Claude Laroche will again wear the colors of the PLQ in Rimouski

Claude Laroche is running for the Liberal Party of Quebec in the riding of Rimouski.

The Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) will again be represented by Claude Laroche in the riding of Rimouski in the next provincial election.

The computer analyst at the Cégep de Rimouski and president of the regional association of the PLQ had been a candidate in the 2018 elections. He had then obtained 12.33% of the votes.

In 2018, it was really innovative for me. It was my first time in Rimouski and I am repeating the experience for several reasons. The main thing is that I have worked a lot between 2018 and today to build a political program at the level of the PLQ, nationally and regionally, and I want to take advantage of all these efforts that have been made, explains the candidate.

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The Liberal Party of Quebec thinks it can seduce people outside the big cities with the regional charter proposed by Dominique Anglade.

“What needs to be done is not wall-to-wall, it's over- measure. We must adapt to the realities of each region without losing sight of the objectives and what binds all Quebecers together. »

— Claude Laroche, Quebec Liberal Party candidate in the riding of Rimouski

Of the four major provincial parties, the Liberal Party is the last to announce its candidate in the riding of Rimouski, where the fight promises to be tight following the announced departure of MP Harold LeBel.

The candidates against whom Mr. Laroche will compete have been known since April, namely Samuel Ouellet (Parti québécois), Maïté Blanchette-Vézina (CAQ) and Carol-Ann Kack (Québec solidaire).

In an interview with Info-réveil, the leader of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade, affirmed that Mr. Laroche was the candidate that his party wanted to have and that the president of the regional association was not named because someone else could not be found. He has all the characteristics and all the will to represent the region well, she added.

For his part, Claude Laroche maintains that he did not start from the start because he believed that other people would not apply when they learned that he had done so. My main goal was not necessarily to be a candidate this time around. I took care of the organization of the campaign and there were applications that showed up.

When he returned from vacation, he realized that he felt ready to take up this challenge again. I am able to take up the challenge and respond to the questions and aspirations of people here.

Mr. Laroche thinks that the Rimouski region needs someone strong, who knows how to hand over big projects, and he thinks he is that person.

Mrs. Anglade is passing through Rimouski Monday evening to announce the candidacy of Mr. Laroche. His party has 27 members of the National Assembly, but none in Eastern Quebec.

With information from Michel-Félix Tremblay and by Édouard Beaudoin


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