Cleaning of the joints of folk remedies

According to many doctors – most of the diseases of the joints can be avoided through regular preventive cleaning.

Чистка суставов народными средствами

There are many ways of purification of the joints (mainly diet and exercise), among which the advice of traditional medicine.

1. A decoction of potatoes

Take one kilogram of fresh potatoes, wash it under running warm water (without peeling) and cut into small pieces. Pour the chopped potatoes in a pot and fill it with purified water (the water should slightly cover potatoes). Now put the saucepan on low heat and cook for about two hours. Ready broth should drain through a fine sieve or several layers of cheesecloth. Drink the decoction three times a day one glass for two to three weeks. If necessary, the time of one course extends for another month.

2. Black radish

Take the fresh juice of this root three times a day for two teaspoons. Juicing: it is necessary to twist a little radish in a meat grinder, and then squeeze the juice from the pulp using cheesecloth or sieve. Completion of one course of treatment need to buy ten kilos of radish. Remember that to clean the roots, you needn’t wash out thoroughly.

3. Figure

To clean joints we need about two kilograms of rice. It is recommended to buy at the store figure with long, unbleached grains with a yellowish tinge. Night take one Cup of rice, sort, washed and soak it in purified water overnight. In the morning the rice rinse, pour two cups of purified water and cook over medium heat until it is cooked (the grains should be soft after boiling). Wash the grits and divide the whole figure into four equal portions. Eat whole servings of cereal in one day, slowly chewing. It is advisable to start rice cleansing morning use one Cup of broth from the hips. The first day cleaning except the glass of this drink make liquid is forbidden! Half an hour before each consumption of rice (in later days) you need to drink one glass of boiled or purified water. Course duration – one month, according to the scheme: two day cleanse three day break. After one course it is recommended to make a month long break, and then spend another cleansing course.

4. Regular preventive maintenance

For the prevention of joint diseases eat only fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, at least once a week and eat cottage cheese and sea fish.

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