Clearance work for Gigafactory near Berlin stopped for the time being

Clearance work for Gigafactory near Berlin stopped for the time being

Clearance work for Gigafactory near Berlin stopped for the time being

The US electric car manufacturer Tesla has to stop further clearing work on its Gigafactory construction site in Grünheide near Berlin for the time being. After an urgent application by two environmental associations, the Frankfurt (Oder) administrative court issued a provisional interim ruling, according to which no trees may be felled for the time being, as a court spokesman said on Tuesday.

The court has not yet made a decision on the matter. When this will be the case is still open.

The Berlin “Tagesspiegel” had previously reported on the clearing stop. Accordingly, the court justified its decision after a lawsuit by the Brandenburg Nature Conservation Union (Nabu) and the Green League by stating that it could be assumed that the clearing of the 82.9 hectares of forest area would only take a few days. The resolution ensures that no fait accompli will be created.

According to “Tagesspiegel”, from Tesla’s point of view, the previous pine forest area is urgently needed at the present time in order to create a sewer line for the factory and storage areas. The US electric car manufacturer’s production in Grünheide is scheduled to start as early as July 2021; Up to 500,000 electric cars are expected to roll off the assembly line there every year. So far, Tesla has been building on the basis of preliminary partial approvals.

Fresh money for growth

Meanwhile, Tesla wants to get even more fresh money for its growth path with a further capital increase. Overall, the group could take in up to 5 billion US dollars (around 4.1 billion euros) by issuing new papers, according to a document filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday.

It is the third capital increase in the current year, after Tesla had previously raised a lot of money by issuing new shares. The group from Palo Alto, California is currently investing in various costly projects, including the construction of its first European plant near Berlin, and the development of its vehicles. The capital requirements of the e-car pioneer around star entrepreneur Elon Musk are correspondingly high.

Tesla shares were around two percent in the red in pre-market US trading. With the capital increase, the company is taking advantage of the most recent record run of its share certificates, which only rose to a record high of almost $ 649 at the start of the week. In the current year 2020 the price has increased almost eightfold. (apa / dpa)

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