Climate: Washington details new Arctic strategy

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Climate: Washington details a new strategy for the Arctic

Part of the US strategy will be to build military capabilities in the Arctic, in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Biden administration unveiled a new Arctic strategy on Friday, incorporating the growing consequences of global warming in the region and intensifying international competition there.

Global warming is melting sea ice, opening up previously closed areas to shipping and providing new opportunities for countries like the United States, Russia and China to compete for resources and influence.

But Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which has the longest Arctic coastline in the world, has raised tensions between Washington and Moscow to levels not seen since the Cold War.

The Arctic – home to 4 million people, rich in natural resources and unique ecosystems – is undergoing a phenomenal transformation, the new US strategy notes.< /p>

Under the influence of climate change, this transformation will challenge life in the Arctic, create new economic opportunities and could intensify strategic competition between countries, the document adds.

The new strategy includes four main areas: security, climate change and environmental protection, sustainable economic development and international cooperation.

The influence of climate change will challenge life in the Arctic, creating new opportunities.

< p class="e-p">Our first priority is to protect the American people, as well as our territory and our sovereign rights, it says.

We are determined to ensure the security of our allies and to support our partners in the region, it is added, as Sweden and Finland, two important Arctic countries, prepare to join NATO .

To this end, Washington will improve its military and civilian capabilities in the Arctic to deter threats and to anticipate, prevent and respond to man-made accidents. .

Faced with the growing impact of global warming, Washington wants to help Alaska – its northernmost state – build resilience and adapt, and also wants to follow international initiatives to reduce climate change. emissions in the Arctic.

In economic matters, the United States wants to identify ways to increase growth in the region and improve the means of existence in Alaska, especially for indigenous communities, said a senior American official before the publication of the document.

The strategy presents the US vision of a peaceful, stable, prosperous and cooperative Arctic, she added.

Russia's brutal war in Ukraine has made this near-impossible Arctic cooperation with Moscow, the US strategy notes. But maintaining cooperation with our allies and near-term partners remains essential to advancing our interests in the region.

The last document detailing US Arctic strategy dates back to nearly 10 years.

This strategy addresses the climate crisis with a heightened sense of urgency, given developments over the past eight to nine years, the official said. United States.

It also recognizes the strategic competition we have witnessed in the Arctic with Russia and China over the past 10 years and strives […] to put the United States in a position to compete effectively while managing tensions, she mentioned.

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