Closings or reduction of services in “at least 14 hospitals” in Ontario, says ONA


Closures or reduction of services in “at least 14 hospitals” in Ontario, according to ONA

A patient suffering from COVID-19 is hooked up to an artificial respirator, or ventilator, on May 4, 2021 in the intensive care unit of the Center Cardiologique du Nord, a private hospital in Saint-Denis, France.

< p class="e-p">The Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) reports closures of services or reduction in available beds in more than a dozen hospitals in the province ahead of the long weekend, which she explains by a worsening nursing shortage.

ONA is hearing very troubling reports from our frontline members of multiple bed and unit cuts and closures in at least 14 Ontario hospitals ahead of the long weekend to come, explains the Association in a statement to Radio-Canada on Friday.

No precise list of the establishments concerned has been communicated, but a spokesperson for the organization ensures that the problem is felt at the provincial level.

The list includes Toronto hospitals in Huntsville, Kingston, Owen Sound and Oakville – and others large and small – notably having to reduce the number of beds in various units […] nurses, details Sheree Bond, via email.

The organization that operates the Huntsville District Hospital mentioned by ONA says that all of its departments are open during the weekend.

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The services targeted, according to the ONA, affect intensive care units, obstetrics, mental health and a lot of impact on the capacity of emergencies according to the establishments.

Understaffing may mean non-use of intensive care beds.

On Thursday, hospital network Lakeridge Health announced the temporary closure of the intensive care unit at its hospital in Bowmanville, east of Toronto, due to staffing shortages.

This decision was not taken lightly, Lakeridge Health said in a statement released Thursday afternoon. We are aware of the impact of this temporary relocation on patients and their families.

The hospital organization, which runs five hospitals in Durham Region, says staff at its Bowmanville facility will be co-located in critical care sites at its hospitals in Ajax, Pickering and Oshawa.

< p class="e-p">We continue to assess the situation on a regular basis, with the aim of returning intensive care services to Bowmanville Hospital when the staff situation stabilizes and they are safe to do so, he continued. Lakeridge Health also noted that many Ontario hospitals continue to struggle with severe staffing shortages.

This hospital is the latest to announce bed closures and reduced hours ahead of the three-day long weekend getting underway in Ontario.

The Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance, which oversees a largely rural health network about 60 km northwest of Kitchener, announces limited closures of several emergency departments for the week -end to come.

We regret taking this action and are working diligently to return to normal operations. We thank the community for their understanding, the organization said in a statement posted online.

Seaforth Community Hospital in Huron County, Ontario , also announced that it will be closing its emergency room overnight due to understaffing.

The increased shortage of medical personnel has been regularly cited in recent weeks in the province for reductions in opening hours, even complete closures of certain hospital services.

Absences related to COVID-19, vacant positions, the state of staff exhaustion and stagnating wages are increasing the pressure on the health system, according to several professional organizations.

Earlier this month, unions representing some 70,000 Ontario hospital workers renewed their calls for action from the government, which says it has rolled out emergency relief programs. emergency since the start of the pandemic to hire more than 10,000 healthcare workers.

The Ontario Nurses Association estimated the week latest that Ontario needs to fill 30,000 nursing positions in the province act ually.

With information from La Presse canadienne, and CBC


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