Club Naco had a historic 2022 in sports and institutional

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  • Club Naco had a historic 2022 in sports and institutional terms

    The Club Naco Board of Directors at the institution's 64th anniversary celebration along with all the partners and their families. 

The installation of a new Board of Directors last April, as well as the such as the conquests of dozens of gold, silver and bronze medals in the different sports disciplines, the fellowship among all and better services for the members and their families, qualified the main activities of the Naco Sports Club over the last 12 months of the year that is almost over.

The president of the Board of Directors of Club Naco, the immortal of Sports, Mario Alvarez Soto, congratulated the club. He thanked the Naqueña family for the excellent performance that has been achieved in this 2022 and predicted the future. That in 2023 they will maintain that spirit of collaboration to continue being a benchmark in Dominican society.

Alvarez Soto congratulated the also to all the athletes who got medals in the different sports, representing the country and the Club, as well as well as coaches, managers, collaborators and support staff. “We celebrate our 64th anniversary full of spirit and hope and that is highly positive,” he said.

And he added: “The resources that our partners put in our hands are to be used carefully and that they can lead to improvements in all the services that we provide every day,” he stressed.

< p>“We managed to renovate and expand a good part of our sports facilities in 2022 and this process will continue forever. from 2023, always counting on the support of all our partners, who work for them,” commented the company. the president of the Board of Directors.

He stated that he was Alvarez Soto said that others who did a wonderful job were all the employees, without distinction, from all lines that provide services at the Club, “and I can assure you that, without them, Club Naco would not exist, as we have today&rdquo ;.

Indicated ; He said that the Board of Directors followed up and supported all the sporting events that took place, “and for that reason I send warm congratulations to everyone, to those who won medals and to those who made every effort to obtain it, but, for the same, they are winners for the Naco family.”

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