Club Savica champion in Higüey Superior Tournament; Luis Feliz scores 34 points

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  • Club Savica champion in Torneo Superior de Higüey; Luis Feliz scores 34 points

    Carlos Medina, manager from the Savica club, together with the players Dayker Cedano and Luís Feliz, at the ends, hold the Punta Cana Group Cup.

The Savica club conquered the world. this Monday the champion crown of the 47th Higüey Superior Basketball Tournament, by beating the Cambelén team 4-2 in the final series, in a clash played to a full house at the Leo Tavárez sports center.< /p>

A close encounter that ended in a close game. In favor of Savica with a score of 99-92, he led them to the celebration of their 12th championship in the history of Altagraciano superior basketball, approaching one of the historical leader with 13, precisely the vanquished Cambelén.

Savica's squad was down 1-2 in the final round and they achieved three consecutive wins and closed it 4-2, standing out all the time the offensive of the reinforcement from the capital Luis Feliz, who this Monday closed the tournament. with 34 points and nine rebounds, and in the two previous games he scored & oacute; 31 and 21.

Feliz had the support of the natives Roderick Guzmán with 18 goals and seven assists, Dayker Cedano managed to win the game. a double-double of 14 baskets and 13 rebounds, Manuel Suero 13 and nine sacks, and Luar Ledesma contributed the ball. 10 units, six caught balls and distributed 10 points. He had six assists.

For those defeated, the native Nathanael Bonet shone with 35 points, the reinforcement from Santo Domingo, Jonathan Bello, who had 28 points, 16 rebounds and nine assists, and Francisco Campusano completed the game. double figures in scoring with 13 and in rebounding with 16.

Savica's champion team was coached by the Romanense coach Carlos Medina, and Cambelén's by José Cabrera, from Puerto Plata, in the contest dedicated to the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Beating up, and he gambled for it. the Punta Cana Group Cup.

The organization of the tournament was in charge of the La Altagracia Province Basketball Association (ABAPA), chaired by Jorge Tavárez, and a Committee for the Punta Cana Group. Organizer who spearheaded the Monsignor Jesús Castro Marte, bishop of the Diocese of Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia in Higüey.

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