Code Quantum: the sequel to the cult series changes showrunner just before its release


Scheduled to release in the fall of 2022, the new Quantum Code replaced its showrunners at the last minute.

Thirty years after the events of the 1989 series, a successor to Dr. Sam Beckett will in turn be engulfed in the time spiral of the Quantum Code. New series taking over from the old one after a long wait, this time it is Dr. Ben Seong (played by Raymond Lee) who will jump from era to era, just like the character of Scott Bakula in his time.

Unassumed reboot or true continuity of the original series: We were hardly set by the synopsis revealed recently. It presented us with a concept very similar to the 1989 series. Apart from a higher number of recurring characters, we still do not know how Code Quantum 2022 will orient itself as a sequel and stand out from its predecessor. We should know a little more when it next airs, September 19 on NBC. Strange news though: less than two months from its release, the series has lost its two showrunners!

< p class="center" style="text-align: justify;">Deadline revealed this sudden reshuffle in the production of the series which comes while filming of the episodes is still underway. Among the most surprising changes, there is the replacement of the two showrunners, Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt, by the executive producer Martin Gero. A modification made in an emergency, the cause of which is unknown, but which inspires a certain panic on board as the exit deadline approaches.

Still according to Deadline, major artistic disputes have allegedly taken place since the beginning of the year (including an unsatisfactory pilot episode) and would cause great pressure on the production team. Filming should continue without any break under extremely tight deadlines, but now under the aegis of Martin Gero.

NBC would however be confident in its ability to deliver the sequel to Quantum Code on time. And this despite all the obvious difficulties that the production encounters. However, Martin Gero will need a miracle or two to overcome this particularly complex challenge and deliver a series that meets general expectations. Martin Gero is, among other things, the creator of the series Blindspot and the showrunner of Respirer which arrives on July 28, 2022 on Netflix.


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