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Coderre says he was once again the victim of a hacker on his social networks

Photo: Marie-France Coallier Archives Le Devoir All Facebook posts that were shared by Denis Coderre before February 1 cannot be found.

After the disappearance of all his publications on the social network almost all of the publications he shared on his Facebook page.

Recently, all of the ex-mayor of Montreal's tweets disappeared from his erased them from me. It’s not me,” Mr. Coderre told Devoir on January 30. Jokingly, he said that the owner of X, Elon Musk, had perhaps “run out of electricity”.

However, the same fate was reserved for the publications made on his Facebook page: all those which were shared before February 1st cannot be found.

“I had my account hacked yesterday. This one is the one!!! Those who want to become Friends of my page LET GO ????,” Mr. Coderre wrote on his page on February 2. He has around 3,600 “friends” on the social network.

Among the comments that have disappeared is one dating back to January 9. In it, Mr. Coderre expressed his disappointment after being refused the renewal of his mother's passport because he did not have a power of attorney in hand. “Well, judgment is optional,” concluded the former mayor and federal minister in a hashtag. He then explained to the Devoir that he had no intention “to game the system,” saying he didn’t need a power of attorney for that kind of thing. when he was a federal deputy.

Coderre says he was once again the victim of a hacker on his social networks

Photo: Facebook screenshot

80% chance of making the jump… to Quebec, on the South Shore

While visiting the National Assembly on Wednesday, Denis Coderre estimated the chances at 80% that he would indeed jump into the leadership race. He will make his decision in the spring, after walking 300 kilometers on the way to Compostela. Already, he has said that he would run in Quebec, “on the South Shore.” “It will be his decision,” declared Lévis MP Bernard Drainville. “Wow, it’s going to be interesting,” said the MP for Chutes-de-la-Chaudière, Martine Biron. Mr. Coderre said he was in favor of a third road link project between Quebec and Lévis.

The self-proclaimed “Captain Canada” also launched a Facebook page called “No Thanks Movement!!! », in response to the sovereignist aspirations of the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. The page had 16 members as of mid-afternoon Wednesday. ” Prevention is better than cure. I am a federalist, I believe in Canada, I don’t need a new country, I have one,” said the former federal Liberal minister. In a statement in English, he declared that the PQ leader was not kidding, that he is “ for real“. He, on the other hand, mocked the initiative of Québec solidaire to promote independence. “Québec solidaire which speaks of independence before a general council…” he dropped. The next national training council will take place in May.

With an amused look on his face, Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon followed part of Mr. Coderre's press scrum. “Come on, you’re going to make the news!” » the ex-mayor told him. “Mr. Plamondon, we do not agree, but I find him very dignified and very respectful,” he added, shaking his hand.

Coderre says he was once again the victim of a hacker on his social networks

Photo: Patrice Bergeron The Canadian Press Paul St-Pierre Plamondon followed part of Denis Coderre's press scrum. “Come on, you’ll make the news!” the ex-mayor told him.

In addition to national unity, Denis Coderre cited “the rise of the left” as an element justifying his desire to return to political life. “I am a central extremist. My heart is on the left, my wallet is on the right. We have the impression that everything is free, then that money grows on trees, then we have a problem with democracy,” he said.

Mr. Coderre also recalled that he “believes in the return of the Nordiques and the Expos”. “I think that international events are a platform, a springboard for a municipality, it is a factor of wealth and social development,” he said. He nevertheless recalled that his heart was with the Montreal Canadiens. “I need the Quebec Nordiques because the Canadiens need a team to practice on,” he said.

About-face on the secularism of the State

Denis Coderre was invited on Wednesday to explain his about-face on the subject of state secularism. At the end of January, he told the Devoirthat he would not renew the exemption provisions embedded in Law 21. Like former liberal leader Dominique Anglade, he therefore said that he would leave it to the courts to decide the fate of the Law on the secularism of the 'State. “We’re keeping it. No clause,” he said. On February 7, he instead said he was ready to assume the renewal of this provision in order to protect parts of the law against legal recourse. “The escape clause is part of the deal. There is a political price to pay, we accept it. I won’t touch it,” he said. How does he explain this about-face ? “There’s nothing but crazy people who don’t change their minds,” he replied on Wednesday. “I agree with the escape clause because it’s not there for nothing. I think that the well-used “notwithstanding” is correct. »

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