Coignard – Roselyne Bachelot: and here's the “tata gunslinger” again


CHRONICLE. The air of nothing, the ex-minister of Health knocked out beautiful people before the commission of the National Assembly. A carnage. ​​​​​

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It warns from the outset: “I will be careful not to judge the action of my successors or to give them lessons as I know the difficulty of their task. “But all those who know Roselyne Bachelot know that she has never had her tongue in her pocket. And that she has no reason to mend her ways.

Sober and solemn in her black suit, the former Minister of Health calmly shoots a gun, silent at the end of the barrel. There's something for almost everyone.

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Scientists? “They shouldn't be behind the wheel, but put them in the back seat of the vehicle,” she says, paraphrasing Keynes about economists.

Caregivers? “Why don't doctors wear p