Cold Play sang Vakarchuk. Which of the world stars supported Ukraine, who – Russia


    Cold Play sang Vakarchuk. Which of the world stars supported Ukraine, which – Russia

    Focus remembered those world celebrities who supported our country in the Russian -Ukrainian war and those celebrities who are on the side of Russia.

    The other day the famous British rock band Cold Play sang Vakarchuk's song “Hug” as a sign of support for our country in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Focuscompiled a list of world stars who have supported Ukraine over these almost 5 months, but we have not forgotten those who spoke out for our opponent

    Cold Play, a British rock band< /h2>

    The world-class British band Cold Play performed Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's song “Obіymi” in Warsaw as a sign of support for Ukraine.

    Pink Floyd, a cult British rock band

    Pink Floyd together with the leader of the Ukrainian team “Boombox” Andrey Khlyvnyuk presented a joint video “Hey, Hey, Rise Up!” (“Hey, hey, get up”) is a musical improvisation to the Ukrainian song “Oh, there is red viburnum in the puddle” – the anthem of the Sich Riflemen. David Golmore wrote: “We are furious at the despicable invasion of an independent, peaceful and democratic country. We want to show our support for Ukraine and show that much of the world thinks it is completely wrong for a superpower to invade the independent democratic country that Ukraine has become.”

    Today's clip “Hey, Hey, Rise Up!” gained more than 10 million views.

    Sean Penn, American actor, director and producer, two-time Oscar winner

    Sean Penn supported Ukraine from the first days of the war. He came to Kyiv to shoot a documentary about the war with Russia: he visited Bucha and Irpin, which were occupied by the Russian Armed Forces, met with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Madonna, a cult American pop singer

    Madonna addressed a song to Vladimir Putin with the lines: “I listened to your lies and I can't take it anymore.” She posted it on the Web with footage of the bombing of Ukraine, and alternates photo portraits of Putin with pictures of Hitler.

    Ed Sheeran, a popular British pop singer and songwriter

    Ed Sheeran recorded a joint track with the Ukrainian rock band “Antitelya”: a mix from the new composition 2Step and the track “Antitelya” – “Lilacs interrupted our dream”. The clip has gained 10 million views today.

    Sting, the cult British rock artist

    Sting supported Ukraine during a concert in London. He performed his 1980s song Russians with Ukrainian cellist Yaroslava Trofimchuk and called for donations to help Ukraine. The profit from the sale of the single will be donated to the Help Ukraine Center, a volunteer logistics center founded by Ukrainian businessmen to attract humanitarian and medical assistance from all over the world.

    Angelina Jolie, American actress and director

    Joli came to visit on Volunteer Assistance to Ukraine in Lviv.

    David Lynch, cult American director, screenwriter, photographer

    The author of the Twin Peaks series made an anti-war appeal to Putin: “There is a law of nature, hard and fast, and there is no way to find a loophole or avoid it. That law says you reap what you sow. sow death and destruction. It's all your fault. The Ukrainians didn't attack your country, it was you who attacked them. All this death and destruction will come back to you.”

    Benedict Cumberbatch, British actor, who plays Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange

    At the Cinema Vanguard Awards during the 37th annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, the actor unfurled the Ukrainian flag on stage. Cumberbatch once spoke about supporting Ukraine, and at the Oscars 2022 he came out in a tailcoat with a badge on the lapel in the form of the Ukrainian flag.

    Mickey Rourke, American actor, screenwriter and professional boxer

    The Hollywood star (Nine and a Half Weeks, The Wrestler) spoke powerfully about the war in Ukraine in an interview with Russian journalist Ksenia Sobchak. She listened very carefully to the actor and, which is not typical, did not interrupt, which rarely happens to her. “The Ukrainian army continues to resist,” says Mickey Rourke. “The Russians probably thought that the war would end in ten days or a couple of weeks. But the Ukrainian people showed such courage! Not only soldiers, but ordinary citizens. I know Ukrainian guys who they don’t even know how to shoot, but they went to serve. Nobody expected, and I, too, that Zelensky would turn out to be a real block. He does not want to give up. Russia can defeat Ukraine only if it kills every one there. Because even if one man with his with a fucking gun, he would rather die than give up,” said Mickey Rourke.

    This is a far from complete list of world celebrities who spoke on the side of Ukraine. But there are those who supported the Russian Federation. Among the sympathizers of Russia are two world-famous directors. Their support for Russia is following a long-standing anti-American position.

    Emir Kusturica, Serbian film director, winner of two Palme d'Or

    Kusturica at the end of February (on the eve of the invasion) accepted the proposal of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu on cooperation with the Theater of the Russian Army in Moscow. And recently, the director told the Russian media: “Russia's special operation to protect Donbass is a continuation of the war that was unleashed by the West against Moscow many years ago.”

    Cold Play sang Vakarchuk. Which of the world stars supported Ukraine, who – Russia

    Oliver Stone, American director, winner of three Oscars

    Oliver Stone's Instagram has a lot of posts in support of Putin. He invariably blames the United States for unleashing the Russian-Ukrainian war. Here is an excerpt: “Putin allowed himself to be lured into a trap set by the United States and deployed his military forces,” writes Oliver Stone. to Putin: “I can’t tell you with certainty [why Putin attacked Ukraine]. First, we don’t know what he was told, whether intelligence really gave him the right estimates. Perhaps he was not well informed about the degree of cooperation, that the Russian population in Ukraine could have had.This could be one of the factors that he incorrectly assessed the consequences [of the military operation.] And do not forget this thing: Putin had cancer, and I think he overcame it, but he was also isolated during covid. <…> He may have lost contact with people. But I'm speculating, I don't know for sure,” the director said.


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