Comedian Fred Dubé faces five charges

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L&rsquo ;comedian Fred Dubé faces five charges

Comedian Fred Dubé (archives)

Rimouskois Fred Dubé faces five charges after entering Rimouski City Hall wearing a hood last summer. Absent for his appearance on Monday morning, the comedian was represented by his lawyer at the Rimouski courthouse.

The charges against him date back to July 18, 2022. That day, during a city council meeting, nearly thirty people entered the room and interrupted the meeting. The group said it wanted to denounce the immobility of elected municipal officials, particularly with regard to the fight against climate change and the housing crisis.

Two days after the; event, the comedian posted photos on his Facebook account that appear to have been taken at the time of the incident.

Hooded activists at Rimouski City Hall

Le 30 last November, charges were laid against Fred Dubé. According to the information, he participated in an unlawful assembly by wearing a mask or a disguise in order to conceal his identity. He is also charged with making a fuss, embarrassing or molesting others, and obstructing the work of two peace officers.

Fred Dubé's lawyer, Me Alyson Barnabé-Roy, however, confirmed to the judge that her client intended to plead not guilty.

Fred Dubé will return to the Rimouski courthouse on February 27 for his trial.

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