Comedy and melodrama: the best movies for Valentine’s Day (video)

Комедии и мелодрамы: лучшие фильмы на День всех влюбленных (видео)

Valentine’s Day Is Coming. “FACTS” have already talked about what films are going now in the Ukrainian box office, will help create a romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s holiday. For those couples who like to watch movies using streaming technology, Netflix has prepared this year to February 14 a wonderful collection of 10 new and famous paintings.

First place in this list is the romance “All the guys: P. S. I still love you”. This is the sequel to the megapopular paintings “to All the boys I loved before,” which appeared on Netflix in August 2018 and now occupies the second place in our ranking. The film so the audience liked that the reviews on the site Rotten Tomatoes it got an approval rating of 97%! This is a very high figure. The first part is an adaptation of the novel by Jenny Han, which was released in 2014. A year later was published the second book of the writer — “PS I still love you.” It formed the basis of the new romance.

The first film was directed by Susan Johnson. The sequel did Michael Fimognari. But loved by the viewers, the actors have remained the same Lana Condor, Noi Centineo, John Corbett. This is the story of a girl who writes letters to men she likes, but never sends my messages. One day finds out her boyfriend… For those who enjoy the first two parts, to announce the joyful news — Netflix will soon going to release the final film of this romantic trilogy.

Third place is romantic Comedy “my doubt”. The film has appeared on Netflix last year. Starring Ali Wong and Randall Park, as well as Keanu Reeves. Took a picture Mohnatka Khan. This is the story of two childhood friends. Boy and girl grew up together, confided in each other their deepest secrets and shared dreams. But then they grew up, they parted ways Life brings them back together on the eve of the wedding girl… Original title Always Be My Maybe. For those who try to look for it online not on Netflix, be warned — don’t confuse it with the Filipino Comedy 2016 with the same English name.

Fourth in the list is Netflix romantic Comedy “Substitute” 2018. It was directed by Claire Scanlon. This is her first feature film. Starring zoey Deutch (“Why him?”), Glen Powell (“Hidden shapes”), Lucy Liu (“Charlie’s Angels”). Young man and woman working with personal assistants have very strict bosses. Young people accidentally meet, buying lunch for their superiors. To continue the acquaintance, they both need a bit more free time. And they decide to take their bosses to those involved… At Rotten Tomatoes at the “Setup” approval rating is 89%.

Christmas movies, too, sing of love and tell of the miracle, which is able to help solve the problems on the personal front. It is not surprising that in the ranking of movies for Valentine’s Day often fall into the picture about Christmas. Fifth place in the list of Netflix is a romantic Comedy “Let it snow”. Agree, very relevant name for this winter! The film was released in 2019. It took British Director Luke Snellin. This is a story about how far Illinois is stuck in the snow the passenger train. This trouble helped me to get acquainted and love each other a popular singer and student. Along the way this storyline is developing two more, and they are also about love. Starring Isabela Merced and Matthew Norsk. On the website Rotten Tomatoes noted that the film is a lot cliche, but they are, surprisingly, not annoying. The approval rating is 81%.

Places from fifth to tenth in the list of Netflix is the movies “the Incredible Jessica James”, “the kissing Booth”, “Alex Strangeluv”, “the Perfect date”, “Someone great”.

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