Comic Con and Fleet Week: How to Spend a Weekend in the US (October 7-9)

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They say there is no universal recipe for happiness. Maybe. But there is definitely a universal recipe for a good weekend. And this is our traditional selection. It takes into account different interests, including dancing, cinema, cocktails, coffee, art, barbecue. So each of you will find an event to your liking and taste.

Comic Con and Fleet Week: How to spend the weekend in the US (October 7-9)

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So, New Yorkers are invited to Comic Con, a screening of a Ukrainian film, and a coffee festival.

In Miami, you can rock a salsa night, enjoy delicious treats at a bacon festival, and BBQ or go wild at the carnival.

Los Angeles will host Halloween at the zoo, a fire-eating workshop, and an Eddie Griffin stand-up show.

Tickle your nerves in San Francisco at the Winchester Mystery House horror quest, rock out at the roller skating disco and enjoy the incredible Fleet Week shows.

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In addition, look for interesting events for each day of the week in our calendar. Come, learn, share with friends. Before visiting, check the organizers' websites for details and venues of events, as they may change.