Computer Hacking: Sensitive Information on Accused's Computer

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Hacking computer: sensitive information on the defendant’s computer

Pascal Desgagnés leaving the Palais de justice of Quebec, after his appearance in December 2019

At the trial of the computer scientist accused of having infiltrated cell phones, the prosecution continues to present its evidence at the Quebec courthouse .

Detective Sergeant Sébastien Boudreau of the Longueuil police explained on Tuesday the nature of the sensitive information found in the computers belonging to Pascal Desgagnés.

The Quebec City resident is charged with mischief with respect to computer data, fraudulent use of a computer and identity theft.

Pascal Desgagnés would have had access to the content of several cellphones, including those of certain stars.

Investigator Boudreau went to personally meet 17 people for whom text files were found in the 48-year-old defendant's computers. This evidence is filed under seal to protect the privacy of the victims.

In a judicial summary given to the media, it is stated that the information includes date of birth, email addresses, Facebook address, logins for various accounts, passwords for various online accounts.

In addition to this information about the victims, there were also their security questions, often including the answer, with in some cases the mention Yé.

In a written statement, handed over to the police in 2018, the computer scientist claimed to have acted out of amusement and personal challenge.

He would have had access to the iCloud account of several people allowing him to consult the content of their cell phone.

In addition to public figures, Pascal Desgagnés would have spied on people around him. A publication ban protects the identity of the victims.

One ​​of them received a text message from the defendant shortly after learning from investigators that the contents of his cell phone, including his photos and videos, may have been hacked.

“I would like to personally apologize to you and your family, if you allow me and explain to me as well . Let me know if I can drop by soon. »

— Excerpt from the text message sent to the young woman by the accused

Investigator Sébastien Boudreau revealed that analysis of computer equipment seized from Desgagnés showed suspicious files involving more than 500 people. On the other hand, in 376 cases, there was not enough information to pursue the investigation.

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DPCP) intends to present evidence concerning a little more than a hundred victims, while about twenty of them must testify during the trial which must be spread over a month.

The investigation led the police to another suspect in the Montreal area who had no connection with Pascal Desgagnés.

The Detective Sergeant Boudreau submitted his file to the office of the DPCP, which did not lay charges against the Montrealer after analyzing the evidence.

Pascal Desgagnés, who is defending himself, will begin the cross-examination of police officer Boudreau on Wednesday morning.

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