Computer problems affect Sobeys services

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Problems; my computers touch Sobeys services

The group Sobeys also operates pharmacies.

Company pharmacies belonging to the Empire group are having difficulty filling prescriptions due to a computer problem.

The Empire group owns the Sobeys, Safeway, Lawtons, IGA, Farm Boy and Foodland banners, among others.

As of Sunday, some stores cannot respond to customer requests related to their pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Other services are operating also intermittently.

In a press release, the company says it is working to fix the problem, but could not provide an estimate for return full to normal.

Our priority is to rectify the situation and we will provide an update when relevant information becomes available, underlines Chief of Operations Pierre St-Laurent.

In Halifax, Claire Shea received a message on Friday that her prescription was ready at her Lawtons store, but when she showed up, employees told her they were having trouble with their system and they didn't know when it would be back to normal .

If they were able to notify me that my prescription was ready, why not notify me that it was not? Wasn't and why, she wonders.

Wasi Rhman also wanted to renew a prescription for her son, who needs eye drops. He consoles himself by telling himself that it is not essential medicine for his survival, but hopes that others will not get into too much trouble.

With information from CBC

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