Concern grows at Magdeleine school, evacuated four times since June

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Concern is growing at Magdeleine School, evacuated four times since June

The operation carried out by the police did not make it possible to confirm the existence of a danger within the walls of the school.

Threats, bomb threats, presumed presence firearms: the students, their parents and the staff of the École de la Magdeleine, in La Prairie, are fed up with the climate of tension that reigns in the establishment, whose doors had to be urgently closed four times since June 1.

Classes resumed as normal on Thursday, as did school outings and extracurricular and sports activities. The least we can say is that the last few days have not been easy.

The students did not have access to the x27;school on Tuesday due to threats made on social media. In fact, they couldn't even get off the bus. The drivers finally took them home around 9:45 a.m.

A student having claimed that he had a firearm in his locker, police searches were undertaken by the police force responsible for the sector, the Régie intermunicipale de police Roussillon, with the help, in particular, of ;a dog handler.

If the operation did not confirm the existence of a danger, teachers, worried, still refused to show up to class on Wednesday, forcing many students to return home early.

“Everything is back to normal” at Magdeleine secondary school, assures the School Services Center des Grandes-Seigneuries.

Since then, a contingency plan involving additional staff has been deployed, school management said in a message sent to parents in the wake of the events. Help, support and listening services have also been set up, she mentioned in another communication.

The threats that led to the ;cancellation of Tuesday's classes have been made on social networks, confirms the director general of the Center de services scolaire des Grandes-Seigneuries, Kathlyn Morel.

Also, there is nothing to believe that the author of the threats in question is a pupil of the school, she made it known Wednesday afternoon on the show 15-18.

In order to curb the movement, an “educational activity plan” will be set up, in collaboration with public health and police services.

This plan will aim in particular to inform the 2,100 students of the school of the possible consequences related to inappropriate behavior that may take place on social media, underlined management in a message to parents sent on Wednesday.

If unfortunately it is less and less rare to see an educational establishment close its doors for reasons that sow concern, the situation of the Magdeleine school is still special. Because three other such incidents have happened there in the past four months.

On June 1, first, the establishment on Taschereau Boulevard was evacuated to allow the police to secure the premises following information concerning the alleged presence of firearms in school.

Then, on June 3, it was a bomb threat that forced the school management to close the doors of the school. this one. The day before, two teenagers had been arrested in possession of “toys” resembling firearms.

Finally, on September 29, threats again forced the school management to evacuate the school. It was also elements of the investigation related to this situation that led to classes being canceled on Tuesday, the school management said on its website.


The bomb threat of June 3 caused a small commotion in La Prairie.

In all cases, the threats did not materialize. But they have harmed the sense of tranquility of students, their parents and staff members, who are now wondering if the danger will not one day materialize.

These events, moreover, are reminiscent of the arrest of five teenagers who unnecessarily triggered a police operation in the same establishment, in April 2013, by making the police believe that a gunshot had been pulled inside. Which had not been the case.

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