Confirmed! There will be a sanction for Fabio Quartararo at Silverstone after his incident with Aleix Espargaró

 Confirmed! Fabio Quartararo will be sanctioned at Silverstone after his incident with Aleix Espargaró

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The current world champion took Aleix Espargaró ahead in Assen, an incident that has led him to have a sanction with a view to the British Grand Prix that will take place after the summer holidays

This Sunday, At the MotoGP Dutch Grand Prix, Fabio Quartararo and Aleix Espargaró were involved in an incident at the Assen circuit >. It was at turn five, with 22 laps to go, but it was enough for the World Championship leader to run out of options to score points and for the Spanish driver to not opt ​​for victory.

In the action, Fabio Quartararo makes a mistake and takes Aleix Espargaró ahead, who managed to finish in fourth position after an incredible comeback in the subsequent laps. Quartararo returned to the track, fell again and failed to finish the race. Also, minutes after the checkered flag, he saw how he was penalized for what happened. Sunday to forget.

As announced by the MotoGP management itself, Fabio Quartararo has been punished with a 'Long lap penalty' that he will have to meet at Silverstone after the holidays. With the World Cup tighter than ever , this setback will force Quartararo to get the best version of himself to avoid seeing the first place in the standings compromised.

What is the & 'long lap penalty' in MotoGP?

From the heart of MotoGP constant and insistent work is done on the evolution and improvement of sanctions so that they are fair and equitable. In 2019, without going any further, the ' long lap penalty ', which means 'long lap penalty ' or 'rodeo'.

In each circuit there is an area enabled to comply with the 'long lap penalty'. It is a lane that is located in an asphalt loophole and is delimited by two white lines that cannot be stepped on when serving the sanction.

The location of the area designated for the 'long lap' It depends on the characteristics of each layout. Those in charge of choosing the point of each circuit where to place this element are Carlos Ezpeleta, sports director of the championship, Franco Uncini and Loris Capirossi, both members of Race Direction.

Normally, it will be located in a run-off area of asphalt of some of the curves and will be designed to make the offending drivers lose around two seconds.

How does the 'long lap penalty' work?

When a driver commits an infraction, Race Direction takes action to apply the corresponding sanction. The penalized driver must go to the delimited area and draw inside the white lines.

It is mandatory to complete the 'long lap penalty' inside the lines. Otherwise, the pilot would have to repeat the penalty.

In the event that the driver cannot complete this penalty within three laps of receiving the communication, the stewards panel may impose a time penalty (around 2 seconds) to make up for it.

When apply the 'long lap penalty'?

The 'long lap penalty' It is used, mainly, to punish those pilots who exceed the limits of the track and step on the green areas repeatedly.

But it can be used in other cases such as irresponsible driving or after actions between several drivers in which the Race Direction considers that one of them is committing an offence.

Once the action has been analyzed by the marshals, the drivers receive a message on the 'dashboard', which is the screen they carry above the handlebars, to let them know that they must complete the 'long lap' within a maximum period of three laps.

It is also possible to apply a double 'long lap penalty', in which case the drivers have a period of five laps to go through the the marked lane.

In any case, it is the driver who decides when to comply with the 'long lap' and it is not necessary that, in the event of a double, they do it in consecutive laps.

In addition to this sanction, Race Direction continues to have the possibility of forcing the drivers to return position or lose time if they consider that those penalties are more appropriate than the 'long lap', which did not replace any of the previously existing penalties.