Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre appoints Pierre Paul-Hus Lieutenant for Quebec

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Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Appoints Pierre Paul-Hus Lieutenant for Quebec

Pierre Poilievre won the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race on Saturday. He has since reached out to Quebec MPs and senators during a surprise visit to the regional caucus (Archives).

New Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has announced that he makes MP Pierre Paul-Hus his lieutenant for Quebec, three days after his resounding election at the head of the party and a week before the return to parliament.

The member for Charlesbourg–Haute-Saint-Charles was the only Quebec elected official to side with Mr. Poilievre during the leadership race that ended last weekend. Most of the others were active in the camp of Jean Charest – which suffered a crushing defeat – or remained neutral.

Mr. Poilievre unveiled the members of his leadership inflation-fighting team in a social media post on Tuesday.

The only other Quebecer to be part of it is the member for Mégantic–L'Érable, Luc Berthold, who is now the Deputy House Leader. Mr. Berthold had refused to take a position during the race. Until now, he served as Deputy Leader and Political Lieutenant for Quebec.

Among other high profile appointments, Mr. Poilievre named two co-chiefs, Ontarian Melissa Lantsman and Albertan Tim Uppal. Former leader Andrew Scheer becomes Conservative House leader and British Columbian Kerry-Lynne Findlay will serve as whip.

On Monday, Poilievre held out a branch d'olivier to Quebec deputies and senators of his party during a surprise visit to the regional caucus. The new leader did not explain to the media the reasons for his surprise visit, but he did say in a speech that he is very grateful for the contributions of all members of the national caucus, regardless of the candidate they have. pressed.

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