Conservative leadership: new allegations against Patrick Brown


Conservative leadership  : new allegations against Patrick Brown

The expulsion of Patrick Brown of the Conservative leadership race is confirmed.

An instance of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) rejected the appeal of former leadership candidate Patrick Brown on Friday and upheld his expulsion from the race to succeed Erin O' x27;Toole, believing that he has the evidence justifying such a decision. In the same breath, the CCP unveiled new allegations against Mr. Brown.

According to these additional allegations, Mr. Brown used money orders to buy party membership cards, in addition to allowing the sale of non-compliant memberships through a web portal.

M. Brown has had ample time to respond to these serious allegations, Ian Brodie, chairman of the party's leadership election organizing committee, said in a statement.

Lawyers for the former candidate had filed an appeal after the committee responsible for the leadership race voted to expel him. The Dispute Resolution Appeals Committee had to decide whether the official in question had sufficient evidence to recommend ending Mr. Brown's campaign.

In the decision of the Appeals Committee, which was made public Friday evening by the CCP, it is alleged that Patrick Brown allowed the sale of 500 non-compliant memberships, in addition to using money orders to buy 265 membership cards .

Also according to the Appeals Committee, Mr. Brown offered an “apology” when presented with an allegation that a longtime organizer had been paid by a third-party company to work for his campaign. /p>

The leadership election organizing committee surprised CPC members and Canadians earlier this month when it voted 11 to 6 to oust Patrick Brown of the race.

Mr. Brown has since launched his campaign for re-election as mayor of Brampton, Ontario.

The Conservative Party of Canada has set August 3 as the date for the third – and most likely the last – debate in the leadership race, as two candidates reject organizers' decision to hold one.

The party informed its members of the date of the new debate in an email on Thursday evening. Campaign teams expect the event to take place in Ottawa.

With less than two months to go until our next leader is announced, this event will provide a key opportunity for members to refine their decision on who they believe is best suited to lead our party in the upcoming election, reads -on in a missive sent to members Thursday evening.

The party was still in discussions Friday about the format of the debate, a factor that was likely complicated by the anticipated absence of at least one of the five candidates in the race. Pierre Poilievre had announced Thursday that he would not be there.

According to the Conservative Party statutes, candidates are required to participate in official debates, otherwise they are subject to a fine of $50,000 from the absent candidate's compliance deposit.

The Poilievre team reported that the candidate was focused on get out the vote of his supporters, either on their mobilization, before the September deadline.

With information from La Presse canadienne


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