Conservative MP for Richmond-Arthabaska Alain Rayes leaves Conservative caucus

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Richmond-Arthabaska Conservative MP Alain Rayes quits Conservative caucus

Alain Rayes will now sit as an independent.

Alain Rayes, Conservative MP for Richmond-Arthabaska, announced via social media that he is quitting his party and will now sit as an Independent. The MP explained that this decision stemmed from a reflection initiated following the election of Pierre Poilievre as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

I no longer find myself inside my own political formation, he explains in a video posted on YouTube. There are issues, values, convictions with which I cannot compromise.

[These values ​​are] respect for law and order, protection of our democratic institutions, environmental issues, which are added to the conservative values ​​of the economy, sound management of public finances , he added. I deeply believe that as politicians we have an obligation to protect these values ​​in our beautiful country.

“As far as respect for law and order, with what happened with the convoy, the new leader was very close, and never denounced the situation and distanced himself. [There was an issue with] the protection of our public democratic institutions with the direct attack on the Governor of the Bank of Canada. I also have the feeling that the Conservative government is moving away from its obligations to present a serious environmental platform. »

— Alain Rayes, MP for Richmond-Arthabaska

Even if the election of Pierre Poilievre crystallized his decision, Alain Rayes underlines that he had been thinking for several weeks about his future, and about the way of doing politics.

This must be done in a respectful manner, even when the issues are difficult and sensitive. Many citizens challenge me on the way politicians behave with each other when discussing issues.

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Alain Rayes had sided with Jean Charest's candidacy in the PCC leadership race and had strongly campaigned in favor of the latter, even going until he quit his post as Quebec's political lieutenant to support him.

He had also written a letter asking Conservative supporters not to vote for Pierre Poilievre. In his missive, he maintained that the latter was stirring up hatred and division within [the] population, among party members. It was Pierre Poilievre who finally won the race last Saturday.

Questioned on the departure of Alain Rayes following a press briefing Tuesday, the new leader criticized the member for Richmond-Arthabaska for having decided not to fight Mr. Trudeau's inflation, unlike his team, which fights deficits and inflationary taxes.

The citizens of Alain Rayes County agree, he said in reference to Conservative activists in the Richmond-Arthabaska riding who voted for him during the leadership race. And I think all the remaining conservatives are of the same opinion, he concluded.

With information from Jean-François Dumas and the Canadian Press < /em>

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