Conservative Party Leadership Race: Stephen Harper Endorses Pierre Poilievre


Conservative Party leadership race: Stephen Harper backs Pierre Poilievre

Stephen Harper had first assured that he “would not put a spoke in the wheels” of Jean Charest.

In a short video posted to Twitter on Monday, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper endorsed Pierre Poilievre in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.

In this particular race, there is a lot of speculation as to which candidate had my support and for what reasons, Mr. Harper said at the outset, adding that it would be useful for party members to hear my opinion directly from my go.

He then clearly supported Pierre Poilievre, who was also a minister in Stephen Harper's cabinet between 2013 and 2015.

Pierre Poilievre was a strong minister of my government, he said.

Stephen Harper also argued that Mr. Poilièvre has been an effective critic of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party over the past few years. He felt that Mr. Poilievre provided answers drawn from conservative ideas adapted to today's reality.

Last February, citing sources within the Conservative Party, Le Devoir, reported that former Prime Minister Stephen Harper would not put a spoke in the wheel of Jean Charest. At the time, the former Liberal premier of Quebec had not yet officially announced his candidacy for the party leadership race.

The source assured Devoir that Stephen Harper is no longer involved at all and he will not be involved, because he has completely withdrawn from politics and party.

Stephen Harper's endorsement of Pierre Poilievre comes on the eve of the third candidates' debate in which Poilievre has announced he will not be participating.

This debate will take place when the postal ballot is already underway and the party has begun to receive ballots completed by members in good standing.

< p class="e-p">The results of the leadership race will be announced in Ottawa on September 10.


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