Contact even with “good” aliens is dangerous for humanity: scientists have explained the reason

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Detection of potential extraterrestrial intelligence can harm humanity, the authors of a new study say Although not everyone agrees.

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Scientists around the world are now looking for a signal from representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. Perhaps humanity will be able to establish contact with aliens in the future. And even if we assume that they will not be hostile, the very fact of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization can lead to conflicts on Earth. So say scientists from the University of Texas. But scientists from the University of Pennsylvania believe that such a scenario is certainly possible, but most likely unlikely, writes ScienceAlert.

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For many people, the existence of aliens is still something out of science fiction. But many scientists believe that we are not alone in the universe. Therefore, now radio telescopes are sent into space, trying to catch a signal from representatives of a highly developed extraterrestrial civilization.

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But even 12 years ago, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking warned that aliens, if they exist, can be very hostile towards other species. And their main goal is to enslave and colonize new planets. But what if these aliens are friendly? What consequences can the contact established with them lead to?

What is the danger of meeting with aliens for humanity?

Scientists from the University of Texas published an article in which they suggested that there are real risks to humanity from such contact. Firstly, the very fact of the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization can cause a wave of indignation among people who believe in God. This can lead to significant upheavals and even religious wars.

But the main risk scientists believe is that the country that first establishes contact with aliens can monopolize all the knowledge received from them. Even if initially there will be some exchange of information between different countries, then, as the experience of the Second World War showed (the authors cite the behavior of the allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, who became enemies after the war), everything can change over time.

Scientists believe that one of the countries that will gain access to new technologies will begin to use them only for their own personal benefit, while not giving access to new knowledge to other countries. As a result, conflicts over the possession of new technological developments may erupt, which may escalate into a world war.

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Not everything is so scary, other scientists believe

But scientists from the Pennsylvania State University have published their paper, in which they do not agree with the conclusions made by their colleagues. Scientists believe that it is very unlikely that only one of the countries will be able to make contact with potential aliens. And even if this happens, then this country will not be able to monopolize the new knowledge gained.

Scientists believe that the modern scientific community is so interconnected that such a scenario of events has a very low probability. Even if politicians get involved.

On the other hand, critics of the original idea about the danger of contact with aliens think that the idea of ​​getting new technologies from them sounds very tempting. But on the other hand, will humanity be able to immediately deal with this knowledge? For example, if a medieval scientist were told how to create an atomic bomb, could he make it?

Therefore, scientists believe that most likely contact with an extraterrestrial civilization will not lead to a global catastrophe, although such a possibility exists . But, in any case, both scientists and politicians of the whole world should work together when establishing contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

Now it remains only to find out if aliens exist, and if so, will we be of interest to them as well , like they do to us?

As Focus already wrote, ufologists from the UK believe that aliens, who are very small in stature, will soon capture the Earth. What do these alien creatures have already landed on our planet.