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Contactless payment: this dreaded scam is growing in France

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Very practical, contactless payment has now become commonplace. On a daily basis, consumers appreciate this convenience that saves them a tedious process. Always on the lookout for commercial developments, scammers unfortunately take advantage of this trend to take action via a very pernicious scam.

Be careful where you put your bank card

Criminals have thus taken the habit of walking the streets equipped with an electronic box similar to a mini electronic payment terminal, reports the site Ça m’intéresse. They then take advantage of customers’ inattention. Once their payment is made, many of them slip their card into a bag or directly into their pocket, which is actually a mistake.

Scammers can so get closer to about fifteen centimeters and draw the money as they wish from your account. Faced with this now identified danger, it is advisable to use a card holder such as those offered by banking establishments. With the latter, thieves will no longer be able to steal your precious euros.

This is unfortunately only one facet of a larger evil. As Capital specifies, the Banque de France estimates that the French have had more than 473 million euros stolen from their accounts thanks to bank card fraud in 2020. A figure which risks increasing further with these new methods of fraud.

Customers are protected

Fortunately, consumers benefit from fairly strong protections when it comes to fraudulent use of contactless payment. UFC-Que Choisir reminds in this regard that “the regulations require your bank to immediately reimburse you for all disputed payments”.

You will therefore not have to file a complaint to demand a refund and the bank is directly responsible as long as the secret code was not used to pay.

Also note that there is a cumulative spending limit set at 150 euros in most establishments. A maximum amount that can be spent without having to enter the PIN of the card concerned. The latter thus partially protects you in the event of an attack by a criminal.

Have you ever heard of this scam, or been a victim of it?? Let us know in the comments.

What we must remember:

  • A contactless payment scam is unfolding
  • Criminals use a payment terminal to carry out a transaction without your knowledge
  • Customers benefit from certain protections

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